Elon Musk says Falcon 9 rocket is ready to fly again

Falcon 9 Rocket - Elon Musk

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk says the Falcon 9 rocket that was fired into space and then returned in a dramatic upright landing, is ready to fly again.

SpaceX made history on December 21 when its Falcon 9 rocket was undamaged during its launch and subsequent return.

“Falcon 9 back in the hangar at Cape Canaveral.” Musk said on Instagram. “No damage found, ready to fire again.”

The Falcon 9’s flight was a remarkable technical breakthrough. After the rocket’s second stage engines ignited, the booster stage engines detached and a series of fuel burns helped position the rocket for a gentle, upright landing.

By landing the Falcon 9 rocket in an upright position, SpaceX can cut the cost of space travel significantly.

Rockets in the past were destroyed during re-entry, forces engineers to build a new rocket for every single flight.

Space X has said it will carry out tests on the returned rocket to test its condition.

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Written by Franklin Simmons

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