A logo is defined as a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and individuals to promote instant public recognition. In marketing, a logo is a big factor in the brand experience. A product or a company’s brand is a big determinant of how consumers will take your advertising efforts.

A logo’s effectiveness is determined by many factors. These include visual design, clarity, and the story that a logo conveys about the company, individual or organization.

A well-designed logo is aesthetically pleasing without being too complex. While there are popular complex logos, a logo’s potential to be remembered by consumers decreases with the complexity of the design.

While color is important, the logo should not rely on it solely, since there are circumstances in which logos will be displayed without the colors. Hence, even without its main colors, the logo should still be recognizable.

A logo’s clarity can also make or break its effectiveness. A confusing or logo or one that contradicts the message of the entity behind it is not good.

It is hard to pull off, but a logo that tells the story of the organization or company behind it works best. A logo also conveys a message to consumers, so make sure that this is the same message that the entity wants to be identified with. Some of the most successful companies have logos that stick for generations. A logo is how your company will be recognized.