Facebook Implements More Privacy Changes Today

Image: Laurel Papworth

All Facebook users have to change their privacy settings today, via a window that appears when you log in. CNN has the details:

Publicly available information now includes your name, profile picture, gender, location, networks, and pages you’re a fan of. Until now, you had the option of restricting much of that information. That option has been removed. Facebook counters that a user’s friends list can be made nonviewable. But it is either viewable by all or by no one.

Divide your friends into lists
and grant those lists varying levels of accessibility. For example, if you would rather your bosses not know what you do on downtime, you can place them on a specially created list. In addition, a user can specify accessibility post by post.

Tweak your default settings.
It is worth noting that many users will find their privacy options set at “Recommended settings” by default. If you retain those, your information will be available to everyone. If you would rather the site not share your information publicly, you will need to click through each section and restrict it to “Friends” only.

Facebook apps
: Now, whenever a friend adds an app, your “publicly available information” becomes accessible to the developer.

The changes mean that Facebook can sync with real-time search, as well as syndicate with search engines like Google and Bing.

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Many users want to hide their friends list. In order to do this, Facebook help says to: click the pencil icon in the Friends box on your profile. Then, uncheck the “Show my friends on my profile” box. People who come to your profile will not be able to see this information.

Written by Drea Knufken

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