Giving Up Certain Goals and Sexy Shoes


I spent last week working on something I love that doesn’t pay very well. Okay – at this point it doesn’t pay at all, but that’s not the point. Taking that much time to focus on the one thing that I know to be the work I’m supposed to do made all those other goals strikingly obvious.

Early in the week a friend suggested I complete a small task that had the potential increase the success of one of my projects profoundly. It would have taken about thirty minutes, but I resisted – wholeheartedly.

No, I didn’t have time for that. No, I didn’t want to mess with that. No, what the hell do you know about my business anyway – stop giving me suggestions that are only going to add to my over-bloated workload.

I bordered on hostile. 

It became clear that I had no love for that project, even though its moderate success had been a goal I’d worked hard to achieve. Now it just pestered me with its demands and lack of connection to my ‘real’ work. But damn, did it pay. And mama always likes new shoes. But I let it go to make room for other goals, more important and satisfying goals.

Tidal Wave of Business Bankruptcy in the Forecast

So here I am, back to looking for mark downs on meat and just-saying-no to shoes that stop traffic.

And I’m working toward the goal that matters. How about you?

Image Credit: bbaunach, Flickr