Google is hiring a ‘driver’ for its self-driving cars

Google Self Driving Drivers wanted

Google is hiring a “drivers’ for its self-driving cars.

The job requires someone who can sit behind the steering wheel of the vehicles for six to eight hours a day as the company tests vehicles in Phoenix, Arizona.

The drivers will take over control of the car if necessary, a requirement for the cars to operate on public streets at this time.

Google is also looking for “detailed, accurate feedback” which requires drivers to type 40 words a minute for writeup purposes.

Google will reportedly pay $20 an hour and sign drivers to 12-month to 24-month contracts, executives with the program told the Arizona Republic.

The job posting said it is looking for drivers who can “operate comfortably in a fast-paced environment, sometimes managing up to four communication channels simultaneously via various high- and low-tech mediums.”

It should be a comfortable drive with the company testing a Lexus RX450 hybrid SUV.

The company operates 23 of the Lexus self-driving cars on the road and 34 of its famous gumdrop cars.

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All but one accident involving Google’s self-driving cars have been caused by third-party drivers. The one accident caused by a self-driving car was a minor fender bender that caused no injuries.

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