How to Deal With Rejection

How to Deal With Rejection

Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill’s words of wartime will serve you well when it comes to rejection.  And if his style isn’t your speed, here’s a whole Quora thread of inspiration

If you can’t deal with rejection, you can’t be an entrepreneur.

On any give day, I meet with some form of rejection dozens of times.

You can’t be too proud to be rejected. Just because you’ve spoken at huge venues, worked with the largest companies in the world, and are respected in your industry doesn’t mean that you too won’t be rejected daily.

Rejection Doesn’t Mean Failure

It’s worth noting here that being rejected doesn’t mean that you have failed.  In a sales perspective, many people say no because they aren’t ready and many advise multiple touch points in the sales funnel.  Some people might say no just because you’ve given too much info! Stop, slow down, and focus.

What Does Will Smith Have to Say?

Trust me, you’ll want to know:

How far are you willing to take it?

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