How To Win Over Colleagues and Influence Executives

The boss-employee relationship has always been a complicated one. If management doesn’t provide good leadership, work quality will suffer, but employee morale will decrease, as well. This infographic, How to win over colleagues and influence executives, breaks down the dynamics of bosses and employees in and out of the workplace. It conveys workers’ perceptions, the dos and don’ts of being a boss, and the goals of middle management.

Being a boss takes a lot of hard work, and while 55% of employees enjoy socializing with their bosses, the rest find it comfortable, unnecessary, or just difficult to do. Because it’s always a challenge to foster a team of happy, productive employees, the best bosses in the country should be recognized for their leadership and good communication skills. Vote in the America’s Best Boss Contest to make sure the greatest boss in the country gets the accolades he or she deserves.

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How To Win Over Colleagues and Influence Executives

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