Shows Real-Time Availability At Open Restaurant Tables


London-based developer Dan Cohen and Oxford student Chaiyakorn Srisakvarakul teamed up at TeckCrunch’s Disrupt London Hackathon to create an app that show’s users nearby restaurants that have available tables available in real-time.

The duo put together a tool using the Esri API (pictured above), which allows users to see openings at nearby locations on a map.

“It’s a real-time map updating on availabilities throughout the city so they can plan their life efficiently,” Srisakvarakul told TechCrunch.

Live updates will be provided by the table management software that they plan to make with the Clover API.

In terms of cost, the pair say, they will not charges restaurants or customers, but will rather earn money through advertising.

“We are solving both sides of the market,” said Cohen, referring to both consumers and restaurants. “One side wants the restaurant management software and the other wants to manage their time efficiently

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They also acknowledge that the tool could help other businesses as well, such as  Gyms, nightclubs or healthcare.

They won $2500 from Esri for “best use of API.”

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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