Lands’ End Lures Women With Online Swimsuit Shopping


Most women will agree that shopping for a bathing suit is one of the most unpleasant tasks of the year. Land’s End has created a new, interactive website that allows women to shop in the convenience and privacy of home. If they can win over women who usually shop in stores, but opt to go online for this one purchase, they may attract a whole new client base.

A lot of the the hesitance people have about buying clothing or shoes online have to do with getting the right fitting and feeling confident that returns will be painless. But once these objections are overcome, when a customer knows how a brand’s cuts fit her, and knows that anything not quite right can be easily exchanged or returned, then she’s potentially a customer for a very long time.

The new Land’s End site, The Island, with its waves audio, images of cabanas, and flowing waterfall is a little corny, but also sort of nice and relaxing. It just might work. And they are doing quite a lot of social network based marketing within the online mom demographic. They’ve also added a sweepstakes component.

“This season, we wanted to make the Lands’ End swimsuit shopping experience even more unique and exciting by creating an online destination,” said Joan Conlin, vice president of customer services, Lands’ End. “The Island offers women an interactive getaway, transporting them to a beautiful island retreat featuring the ultimate swimsuit experiences.”

Will it work? 

What’s the best online retail site you’ve seen lately? 

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