Mobile Shopping Was A Big Hit On Black Friday

Black Friday Shopping

Shoppers used their mobile phones at record rates to purchase Black Friday deals this year.

IBM on Saturday said digital sales were up 21.5% from last year while Adobe said Americans spent $2.7 billion online Friday. That’s a 14.3% increase from last year based on Adobe’s tracking.

While the amount spent differed between the two tech companies, they both agreed that shoppers flocked to their smartphones and tablets.

“US consumers have turned into digital shopping ninjas,” Adobe analyst Tamara Gaffney said.

IBM says mobile traffic accounted for 45% of all digital traffic on Black Friday.

While mobile shoppers were purchasing items, tablet shoppers spent more with $136 more spent on tablets than desktop, laptop or smartphone orders.

Brick-and-mortar sales appeared to have declined over the last two years to about $12.1 billion.

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Analysts are quick to point out that sales began well before Black Friday this year, which may have pushed many shoppers to pick up holiday gifts before the traditional start of the holiday shopping season.

The 10 days leading up to Christmas are expected to show the next surge in holiday shopping.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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