Netflix CEO says Canadians share this quirk with the service

Netflix Canada customer complaint

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently shared a quirk that exists among many of his company’s Canadian customers.

In a discuss with Wired, Hastings explained that users in just about every country have their own quirks about the company’s service.

He says that in Canada, Netflix subscribers constantly believe the depth of their streaming catalog is inferior to other countries.

It’s a strange complaint given that Canadian customers even has some titles that US customers don’t have access to watch.

In fact, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” will only be available to Netflix subscribers in Canada because of the licensing deal that Netflix worked out with Disney.

If Canadian’s are comparing themselves only to American viewers that might be the reason for their complaints.

While Canada was the second of 200 countries to receive Netflix service, the country currently offers 3,349 titles compared to 5,598 TV shows and movies offered in the United States.

Netflix service of course relies on working out deals with Canada, American, and other TV and movie providers who ultimately determine if their shows and movies will be allowed in certain regions.

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Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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