New Options For Moving

Or for ignoring your friends’ pleas for help with their moves

When you were in college it was no big deal to help your friends move. You threw some stuff into garbage bags, packed it into someone’s car, drove across town, and enjoyed some pizza and beer. Since then everyone has acquired quite a bit more stuff and the pizza and beer isn’t so much of a good deal anymore.


Everyone has their own views on the cutoff age for asking your friends to help you move. For some people, when you are over 30 it is no longer acceptable to ask your friends to load your refrigerator into the moving van. You may still feel obligated to help, but just remember it’s a favor and you don’t have to do it.


The average American will move 11.4 times during their lifetime, and half of those moves will come before the age of 30. If you are going to do it without hiring movers, there are a few things you can do to make things easier. First, pack everything you will need in the immediate aftermath of your move into a suitcase as though you were going on a work trip. Second, make sure everything is packed and labeled before moving day. Finally, make sure you get a big enough truck for your belongings.


The next issue is whether to ask for help from your friends or hire someone to load the truck for you. Hybrid moving is becoming more and more popular option these days- you still pack your stuff yourself and drive the truck, but you pay for help loading and unloading. The average DIY move costs $660 and takes 31 hours, whereas the average Hybrid move costs $910 and takes 21 hours. The price increase is small and the time saved is significant, and you don’t have to ask your friends to help at all unless you just want moral support.


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Now what happens when you find yourself on the other side, when your friends ask for your help on their next move? Now there’s a company that will give you an excuse, either totally fictitious or completely real, and send your friends a coupon for $40 off loading and unloading help. Your excuses can range from, “My truck is going in for repairs to get the horn fluid replaced,” to “I’m rewatching Sharknado with director’s commentary.” If those types of excuses won’t work for you, they will help you find tickets to actual events in your area on the date in question, because who can get mad about “I’m going to a Dolly Parton concert”? It’s always nice to have a moving excuse generator at your disposal!


There was a time when renting your own truck was a revolutionary idea, so it’s surprising that the notion of hiring someone to do the heavy lifting took so long. Moving is just a fact of life, and thanks to the Internet age there are more options for moving (or ignoring your friends’ please for help moving) than ever before.

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