Powerball Jackpot Climbs into Historic Territory


With the absence of a winner, as of Saturday, May 11, 2013 the Powerball jackpot climbed ever closer to a historic payday. The jackpot for the May 15, 2013 drawing is up to $350 million — and if nobody chooses the winning numbers for that drawing the rollover could bring one of the biggest jackpots ever. If the jackpot rolls over two more times because no one chooses the winning numbers, history could be made with one lucky ticket worth near a billion dollars. That’s never happened before.

Only two lottery jackpots worth over $325 million have ever rolled over. Both winners won jackpots worth more than half a billion dollars. However, that was before the California Lottery joined in on the Powerball craze last month. Thanks to California, the current Powerball jackpot is growing faster than ever and has the potential to make the lucky ticket holder (or holders) filthy rich overnight.

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Buying one Powerball ticket costs $1, with the option to choose Power Play for an additional dollar. The jackpot amount is incredible, but the odds of winning with one single ticket are minuscule. Still, for a dollar or two, you could grab one chance in 175 million at hitting it big.

The history of the lottery goes all the way back to ancient times. Click here to see a visual timeline of how lotteries have evolved over time.