Smart Businesses Partner With Pokemon Go

It’s a sign of the times

Pokemon Go is still going strong, despite opinions to the contrary. It is still being rolled out in a number of markets, and players have yet to see all this game has to offer. Updates are being released regularly, but there are still some Pokemon Monsters that haven’t been released yet. This has led many players to ask, “When can we catch them all?”


There are 151 Pokemon monsters in the Pokedex, but so far only 145 have been released. There’s a lot of speculation as to when the full complement will be available for capture, but also how these releases will be made. Will it be during some sort of worldwide Pokemon special event? Will they be released simultaneously on different continents? Will someone randomly hatch one from a mystery egg?

Businesses Are Still Benefiting


When Pokemon Go first rolled out in the United States, many businesses jumped on board with the game, happily hosting Pokemon gyms as a draw for customers. Small businesses would buy lures and incense as a way to draw in Pokemon Go players. But large corporations also took notice:

  • McDonald’s was one of the first corporations to partner with Pokemon Go developer Niantic directly
  • Dunkin Donuts developed its own Pokemon themed donuts in order to draw in potential players
  • Boost Mobile and Sprint Mobile took full advantage of the Pokemon Go craze by offering Pokemon Go experts, charging stations, and lures
  • Starbucks is the latest corporation to jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon, offering Pokemon Go inspired drinks as well as Pokestops and trainer gyms

Pokemon Go Updates Are Still Rolling Out


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Not only is Pokemon still rolling out in locations like Asia and the Pacific Rim, there are still updates being made in areas that have already had Pokemon Go for quite some time. This is genius marketing, because it means the game never gets old. It’s also smart because this is a new concept in video games- something that requires decent weather to be able to play. So why roll it out somewhere where the weather outside is frightful when you can wait a few months to ensure a great reception?

When Will We Get To Catch Em All?


The question remains, when will the game with all its creatures be fully rolled out? There’s a fine line here between keeping your players in suspense and letting them lose interest altogether. Even with all the business partnerships and updates keeping things fresh, eventually people are going to lose interest. Keeping their attention as long as possible in this instant gratification world is going to be the biggest challenge facing Niantic. And I have to say, saving those last 6 Pokemon monsters for a special event is a great way to keep us all interested.


In the meantime, we all have plenty of time to capture the other 145 Pokemon creatures, some of which are still pretty challenging. It’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps us coming back for more; bragging rights are still quite the dangling carrot. Learn more about rare Pokemon from this infographic!