Storage For Millennials On The Go

Because leaving your house without your phone is crazy talk!

Millennials are the gear and gadget generation. Their kitchens are full of unitaskers they used one time and then lost interest in. It’s all about the latest, greatest, next big thing. That’s why there is a growing trend toward special millennial oriented storage devices and gadgets to help them stay organized. Millennials are always on the go, but they are also more connected than any generation before.


The line between work and play is getting blurred, so Millennials have to stay connected even when they are hiking in the woods. This means there is a whole section of storage devices that keep their mobile devices organized and even sometimes turn into a makeshift desk for impromptu blogging on the spot. One such device is the Strotter Platforma, a cross body messenger-style bag that transforms into a desk for a tablet. It’s a highly versatile device that makes blogging on the go look effortless. While on the go, you might also need to check out the Button 2.0, a button that you can replace on your clothing that has a little clip to keep headphone wires neatly in place.


Millennials also want better organization when they travel. That’s why things like packing cubes and the Grid-It organizer have gained so much popularity. Another really popular travel accessory is the Scottevest, a wearable luggage organizer that can help you skip the baggage claim by keeping everything you need strapped to your body. Baggage fees are getting to be pretty expensive, so anything this well-traveled generation can do to cut travel expenses is going to be a win.


This generation is also very physically active, and they participate in all manner of sports and recreation activities. Unlike previous generations, working out these days involves keeping your keys, phone, and credit card with you at all times, and it’s not always easy to do that when you are running, hiking, or biking. Activewear now comes with hidden pockets sewn in where wearers can stow their necessary items and zip them up for safekeeping. You don’t want to shake your cell phone loose when you are out running on the trail!


Even portable charging stations are becoming a must-have. You need a backup battery in case you aren’t close to an outlet, and even if you are close to an outlet, chances are you have more than one device to charge. The AViiQ plugs into one outlet and charges up to four devices simultaneously in a compact, zippered case so you can stay organized while you are powering up. It even has a rechargeable battery for charging on the go when there are no outlets available.


Learn more about the Millennial on the go lifestyle and their multitudinous storage needs from this infographic. Life has gotten a lot more complicated for this generation, but they seem to be taking it all in stride and adapting to the new demands of life. What will be the next major invention to keep us all organized on the go?