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  • American Airlines and Gogo lawsuit

    Gogo shares rebound after American Airlines drops lawsuit

    American Airlines has dropped its lawsuit against in-flight WiFi provider Gogo, and the company’s shares jumped nearly 10% on Monday. The lawsuit filed by American Airlines included 200 of its aircraft. Gogo and American have a contract through 2018, however, the airline is hoping to receive an upgrade from its current 3G connections. Under terms […]

  • Gogo possibly being dropped by American Airlines

    Gogo shares just fell off a cliff after American Airlines filed a lawsuit

    American Airlines has just filed a lawsuit to terminate its contract with in-flight internet service provider Gogo. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, American Airlines wants to either terminate or renegotiate its agreement if the airline is able to find a better internet service with another provider. Shares at Gogo plummeted by nearly 40% on news […]

  • American Airlines merges fully with US Airways

    American Airlines and US Airways are now a single entity

    American Airlines Group announced on Friday that its unit U.S. Airways Group has fully merged with the company. The airline carrier merged with the airline in 2013 and began to focus on efforts to integrate operations at both businesses. American Airlines Group, the owner of American Airlines, said U.S. Airways stopped operating as a separate […]

  • American Airlines

    American Airlines Launching Bare-Bones Pricing Plans In 2016

    Spirit Airlines is about to be faced with a major competitor in the form of American Airlines. The world’s largest carrier is planning to launch a new bare-bones service option that will appeal to U.S. budget shoppers American Airlines CEO Scott Kirby already announced that the company will match competitors’ prices on any nonstop route. […]

  • American Airlines Profits Q3 2015

    American Airlines Beats Expecations Thanks To Cheap Fuel. Announces New Headquarters

    American Airlines Group posted better than expected third-quarter profits on Friday. Cheap fuel continued to help the airlines bottom lines as it surpassed analyst expectations.  American, the world’s largest airline, earned a net income of $1.7 billion, up 80% year-over-year. Excluding special charges, the airline leader pull in $1.9 billion in revenue, or $2.77 per diluted […]

  • American Airlines and US Airways Website

    The US Airways Website Has Vanished, Here’s Why

    The US Airways website is gone. American Airlines and US Airways are now officially operating under the same banner and starting on Saturday customers visiting USAirways.com were redirected to AA.com, the website of American Airlines. American Airlines and US Airways merged nearly two years ago and are now operating as a single airline carrier. By […]

  • American Airlines and US Airways Name Change

    US Airways Name To Be Retired By American Airlines On October 17

    US Airways will no longer be used as a company name when American Airlines retires the company moniker on October 17. The company’s customers will have their flight reservations moved over to American Airlines ticketing systems, as they complete one of the largest and most complicated airline mergers of all-time. American Airlines Group Inc (AAL), […]

  • Doug Parker - American Airlines and Capacity Growth Concerns

    American Airlines CEO Talks Capacity Growth Risks In Airline Industry

    American Airlines Group Inc Chief Executive Doug Parker is voicing his concerns over the risk associated with capacity growth among airlines. Parker says that growth could depress profits. Unlike past cycles, he says the current rise in capacity “feels different.” When asked if there were concerns about growth exceeding demand, Parker said, “the real question […]