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  • Lyft

    Lyft agrees to pay $12.25 million in driver lawsuit settlement

    Lyft has agreed to pay $12.25 million and offer new termination protections under a class action lawsuit settlement. Drivers under the agreement will still not be considered employees. Lyft was sued by its drivers after they claimed they were misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees. The drivers said they were entitled to expense reimbursement and overtime. […]

  • Lyft and health care business

    Lyft has entered the health care business in New York

    Lyft is beta testing a program that will bring its services to New York City Medicaid patients who are in need of non-emergency rides to doctor’s appointments. The National Medtrans Network arranges non-emergency medical transportation for people, like getting elderly patients to a checkup and a diabetic to their dialysis appointment. Soon the agency will be […]

  • TransLoc

    Uber joins forces with TransLoc to provide better access to public transportation

    Transportation technology company TransLoc has joined forces with ride-hailing company Uber. TransLoc builds technology products for public transit passengers and agencies. Uber plans to integrate into the TransLoc Rider app, a smartphone application that provides real-time bus tracking and route planning. The integration means Uber and TransLoc customers will be able to plan trips that […]

  • Uber Competitors Unite

    4 Uber Competitors Just Partnered To Make Global Travel Easier

    Uber’s competition is getting stronger thanks to strategic partnerships that have strengthen infrastructure and increased client size. Four ride-hailing companies from around the world announced on Thursday that they were forming a partnership. “Lyft and Chinese firm Didi Kuaidi announced a partnership in September that will make it easier to hail rides while visiting either […]