Teen hit with $2000 phone bill thanks to iPhone’s WiFi assist

Apple WiFi Assist

Turn off your iPhone’s Wi-Fi Assist feature or you could get stuck paying thousands of dollars in cellular data charges.

WiFi assist utomatically switches your data over to your carrier’s LTE network if your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong.

CBS News reports that a teenager in San Francisco recently received a phone bill for more than $2,000 after using 144GB of monthly data on his iPhone that had Wi-Fi Assist enabled.

Ashton Finegold admits that he received a text message from his carrier during the month, warning him that he was exceeding his monthly limits.

He attempted to use his WiFi signal to avoid further overages, however he doesn’t receive a strong WiFi signal in his bedroom, which lead his iPhone to automatically switch over to his wireless carrier’s network.

Every video he watched or song he listened through his phone went to his cellular bill and not his home’s WiFi signal.

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On the one hand, Finegold should not have ignored his carriers warnings about overages, but many critics have faulted Apple for creating an option that users must opt-out of instead of opting into.

To switch off Wi-Fi assist on your iPhone, open up Settings, then open up Cellular and then finally scroll all the way down to turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

Written by Franklin Simmons

Franklin Simmons

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