The 5 Best Websites for E3 2009 Coverage

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, started today at the LA Convention Center. The biggest gaming conference of the year, E3 gives gamers a firsthand look at Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo’s latest technology and games.

If you can’t attend E3 live, then live coverage will have to do. Many websites offer detailed coverage of the event, which lasts through June 4, but four of them are exceptional:

1. G4



G4TV offers liveblog video and written coverage, including keynotes. Additional coverage, which runs live 22 hours a day, includes press conferences, first-time demos, game debuts, and the ever-important booth babes. You can also find news, trailers, screenshots, photos, tweets, and new games by platform, publisher, and developer on the site.

2. Gamespot



Gamespot runs continual updates on new games, behind-the-scenes video demos, press conferences, and their live stage show. Each live broadcast is archived, so you can see it anytime you want. A floor map and virtual booth/video tours give you an up-close-and-personal look at the conference’s layout. Also includes live Twitter and photo updates.

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3. IGN



IGN’s complete coverage suite includes a liveblog, press conference livestreams, an E3 news ticker, tweets, trailers, email updates, reader polls, and live updates listed by console.

4. Wired Game|Life e3 Coverage



Wired’s Game|Life E3 coverage features expert commentary by Chris Kohler, Nate Ralph, and Chris Baker. Aside from a written liveblog, YouTube broadcasts, and iTunes podcasts, you’ll find analysis, gossip, predictions, rumors, leaks, and all the informal info that makes coverage more entertaining.

5. e3 insider



E3 Insider, E3’s official coverage site, livestreams press conferences. It also shows trailers and interviews. Its offerings are more limited than some of the sites in this list, but it’s worth a look if you need an info fix and the other sites’ load times are slow.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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