This airline is cutting checked baggage fees by up to 50%

Ryanair reduces checked baggage fees

European airline Ryanair is cutting some of its checked baggage fees by up to 50% just in time for the busy summer travel season.

The low-cost carrier has a unique approach to checked baggage. The airline calculates its checked baggage fees on luggage weight and flight duration. On Thursday, the airline announced that it’s cutting some fees by up to half.

Checking a bag that weighs less than 34 pounds for a domestic flight shorter than two hours will now cost €15 ($17), down from €30 ($33). A heavier bag on the same flight length will cost 38% less at €25 ($28).

Lighter bags on trips under three hours will now cost €25 (roughly $28)— a 17% price reduction.

There are no checked baggage fee discounts on flights longer than three hours.

Checked baggage fees are a major profit point for airlines. However, Ryanair recently admitted that it needs to lower its fees as many potential passengers fear increased terrorist attacks in and around many of the regions where the airline operates.

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Ryanair says 92% of its travelers will experience savings based on its discounts for checked baggage.

The airline recently announced its travel increased 12% from a year ago to 10.6 million customers in May.

Written by John Howard

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