Trump University allegedly fired a Vet because of their reserve duties

Trump University

An Iraq war veteran is claiming that she was fired by Trump University because he needed to take two days off each month to serve in the Army Reserve.

Corrine Sommers, who worked for Trump University for five months, sued Trump University after she was dismissed in October 2007.

Sommers reached a confidential settlement in her case against the fake university.

She later alleged that she was fired because of her military service in a November 2012 deposition she gave in a federal class action suit that accused the school of fraud.

A record of her deposition was sealed since that time and became available to the public this week.

Sommers alleged that a supervisor at the school “complained when I would have to take days off to do my military service.”

She claims that as part of a poor performance review she received, “they wrote it was an issue that I was in the military.” She said she was fired when returning from a vacation that she had refused to cut short to respond to a call asking her to come into work.

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She said she was also referred to by supervisors as a “weekend warrior,” which she believes was a criticism of her military service.

“It’s a derogatory term when it comes from someone else, especially when I’m an Iraqi veteran,” she testified.

Employers are prohibited by federal law from discriminating against members of the military reserves for the time they spend in the service.

It’s not good news for Donald Trump who throughout his campaign has attempted to claim that he fully supports US military troops.

“I could have settled this case many times, but I don’t want to settle cases when we are right. I don’t believe in it,” Trump told a rally Friday when talking about the lawsuit.

Trump’s attorneys have claimed that Sommer later retracted her testimony, although they wouldn’t say in which case they are referring.

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

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