Turkey’s Military Coup Has Failed

Turkey’s military coup has failed. According to political leaders inside Turkey the military coup has failed. And many military leaders within Turkey have been arrested.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan embarked on a revenge mission against the military plotters who had threatened his government and regional stability on Saturday, raising fears for the future of democracy in the region.

On Saturday night thousands of supporters poured onto the streets of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir to demonstrate their loyalty to Mr Erdogan after a tumultuous 24 hours.

In an astonishing and at times brutal 13-and-a-half hours that at one point reduced Mr Erdogan to broadcasting to his nation via a mobile phone, street protests and military forces loyal to the Turkish leader suppressed the coup that left at least 265 dead.

In response, Mr Erdogan rounded up nearly 3,000 troops suspected of a part in the plot and issued arrest warrants for 2,745 judges in what was widely expected to mark the start of a purge of opposition forces.

Source: Telegraph