Twitter, Starbucks, Others Support World AIDS Day


Today is World AIDS Day, a day reserved to increase global awareness of HIV, AIDS, and people living with the diseases. A few facts about HIV and AIDS that you might not know (from Twitter):

–10% of the world’s populations lives in Africa, yet 67% of all HIV cases occur there.
–It only costs around 40 cents a day for the 2 pills that are needed to help keep someone with HIV alive.

Join the campaign by shopping for certain products today, turning Twitter red, or donating.

Several companies are supporting efforts to help people with HIV/AIDS today. Here’s how they’re doing it:


Twitter’s color scheme went red in support of AIDS awareness. Follow @joinred to find out more about special World AIDS Day deals, donations, and more.


100% of the profits from every pair of Nike RED laces you buy go to help fight AIDS in Africa.

Will contribute 5 cents for every hand-crafted beverage in US & Canada, and 5p/5 Euro cents for every espresso-based beverage bought in UK & Ireland on Dec 1.

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American Express
“Alicia Keys Live! One Night…One Voice… One Life at a Time…” happens at the Nokia Theater (and the official Alicia Keys YouTube channel) at 8 p.m. ET. The show, sponsored by American Express, is a benefit for Keep a Child Alive, which provides medicine for people in Africa living with HIV or AIDS.

Will contribute 1% of all revenue at participating US and Canada stores on Dec 1.

Will be doubling their contributions on DELL (PRODUCT) RED™ products in US, UK and Japan for the full week of Nov 26 to Dec 2.

Google has a page full of links dedicated to World AIDS Day.

Has a special edition RED iPod.

Here are even more companies and products that support World AIDS Day.

Written by Drea Knufken

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