Uber makes changes to make drivers happy without raising fares


Uber has made changes to its platform which are aimed at helping drivers more seamlessly do their job.

The company on Monday announced new features, worker-loyalty coupons, and faster payment options.

The new technology is rolling out more widely this month.

In several cities, drivers will be able to pause incoming requests from riders before completing their shift. To sign off in the current system, they must manually decline trip requests until they’ve dropped off their last customer.

The company has already announced that in some big cities customers get charged if a driver waits more than 2 minutes for a pickup.

While on the road, drivers will now be able to check Uber’s app for gas prices at nearby stations and search for cheaper options.

Uber has also said it will work with gas stations in the future to offer discounts in exchange for promotions within the app.

The new technology is meant to streamline much of the work handled by Uber drivers. The company has been working tirelessly to appease both drivers and customers.

Following it’s most recently funding round, the ride-sharing company is worth an estimated $68 billion.

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Travis Kalanick, the company’s chief executive officer, promised shareholders that Uber would become profitable in North America by the second quarter of this year.

Harry Campbell, who writes a popular blog about Uber, said the changes don’t address drivers’ top priorities. He believes drivers want to see higher fares and the option for passengers to tip inside the app.

Following a $100 million settlement in California, Uber agreed to allow passengers to give tips to drivers.

Campbell believes the new features will at least give Uber drivers a little cause for celebration.

“They’re definitely going to add up to slowly benefiting drivers,” he said. “These are features, though, that I think make a lot of sense for drivers but also Uber. I call them low-hanging fruit.”

Uber said it now gives drivers an option to get paid immediately anywhere in the US.

Drivers in more than a dozen US cities this week were also given the ability to input their destinations. This is a smart update that is already offered by Lyft, and will allow Uber to avoid picking up passengers who are in the opposite direction of their final destination.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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