What’s With This Subscription Box Craze?

Subscription boxes are good business!

Subscription Boxes Vary Widely

Subscription boxes were once relegated to the realm of high-end fruit sent to your house on a monthly basis from your boss who didn’t know what else to get you for Christmas. Now there are subscription boxes for even your most basic needs- toilet paper, diapers, and razors, just to name a few. But there are also subscription boxes for high end makeup samples, tequila, and healthy snacks. Birchbox started the craze in 2010 with makeup and beauty products, and now everyone is jumping on the subscription box bandwagon. According to Bloomberg, the subscription box craze may have generated $5 billion in 2014 alone.


Subscription Services Are Booming

Today there are services that can help you launch your own subscription service. Much like the internet reshaped commerce by opening up new markets to retailers, subscription boxes have opened up a new way to find customers through samples or subscriptions. If you are selling coffee, why not deliver it to your customers monthly so they don’t have to think about it? And if you are launching a new high-end makeup line, getting it into a subscription box is the surest way to get potential consumers to give it a try. Subscription boxes are a great business idea whether you have a startup dog toy company or an established clothing line. It’s all about getting your product in front of the customer any way you can.


Subscription Box Options

  • Love With Food – This subscription box sends you healthy snacks on a monthly basis. You can even opt for gluten free or an office-sized box!
  • Candy Club – If you want to try out candy from gourmet vendors at a fraction of the retail cost, this box is for you. You will receive everything from gourmet jelly beans to salt water taffy.
  • Kiwi Crate – Looking for something to do with your kids that doesn’t involve electronics? Kiwi Crate delivers arts and crafts and other hands-on projects to your door.
  • Loot Crate – This is the perfect box for the gamer or geek in your life. You can even differentiate your specific brand of geek to get action figures and t-shirts in your own special geek genre!
  • Gwynnie Bee – Think of this as a revolving closet. If you always want to wear something different, this service will send you new outfits to try out and send back when you get tired of them.

Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts

It’s important to check for discounts when you sign up, because many of these services offer a free month to start or a discount when you sign up for a period of time. You can truly give the gift that keeps on giving to all those hard to shop for folks on your holiday list. Finding a subscription box in your mailbox sure beats bills and junk mail! Learn more about subscription box options and discounts from this infographic! Whether you are starting a subscription box service or looking for holiday gift ideas, the options are limitless!


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