Why San Antonio Is The Next Big Thing In Texas

When businesses and community work together, great things can happen.

Businesses in San Antonio have done a lot to make their community stand out. Business leaders have worked together to form a solid plan of how to move the community forward in terms of tourism, and it is really starting to pay off. San Antonio is home to The Alamo, the most visited monument in Texas, which draws in 2.5 million visitors per year. But how do you get those visitors to stick around once they’ve done their tour?


San Antonio has invested a lot into arts and culture, restaurants, and historical sites. There’s so much to do in San Antonio every trip you make can be completely different, and there’s something for everyone in your group.




Historical sites are always a big draw for tourism. Some of San Antonio’s best historic sites include:


  • La Villita Historic Arts District – Originally a Native American settlement, it was established as The Historic Arts Village in 1939 with a mission to promote friendship and to teach art.
  • King William Historic District – This historic neighborhood features 79 historic structures in 22 blocks of featuring European architecture and has been a National Registered Historic District since 1972.
  • The Missions National Historic Park – This is home to the U.S.’s largest collection of Spanish Colonial architecture, and it opened as a National Historic Park in 1983.




A thriving arts scene can also draw in tourists, giving them more options for cultural experiences. Some of San Antonio’s best art-related sites are:


  • The San Antonio Museum of Art – Housed in an abandoned former brewery, this museum contains art spanning 5000 years and is connected to the River Walk.
  • Blue Star Arts Complex – This space features a brew pub, restaurants, a theater, and gallery. There is a new contemporary art program every month.


Outdoor Spaces And Markets


There are lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors in San Antonio, many of which are connected by the San Antonio Riverwalk, known to many as the American Venice. Some of the notable market and outdoor spaces in San Antonio include:


  • Market Square – This is the largest outdoor Mexican market in the United States, and it is in the top 10 for best outdoor markets. Native trees and ornamental lights adorn the area.
  • The Pearl District – This is an historic neighborhood that is home to restaurants and shops as well as a farmer’s market. The neighborhood is committed to sustainable living. Thanks to a Culinary Institute of America Campus, this is a foodie haven.
  • San Antonio Botanical Gardens – Originally opened in 1980 as a garden on an abandoned plot of waterworks property, this botanical garden now features glass conservatory houses for growing exotic plants. There are also native plant trails throughout the city.


All of these places are great draws for tourism, and they all took the work of collaborative effort from the community and surrounding businesses. San Antonio is a shining example of what can be accomplished when communities work together to build a thriving tourism economy.