One Reason Not to Friend Your Boss on Facebook


How to Pick the Right Job For You
  • Some people just don’t care what they share everywhere or don’t realize that once you put something out on the internet, it is (presumably) there forever. This person obviously hasn’t marketed herself well and might have a harder time finding a job in the future.

  • Whoops!

    I know I have to make a conscious effort to think about what I am posting in this age of technology. It seems there is always someone watching whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or even an email that somehow found it’s way somewhere it never should have. We all have to be careful. This is solid proof of that.

  • George Orwell – 1984

  • Shekhar

    First of all, for all we know, this could well have been a dummy page created by two people masquerading as Boss and Employee. I find it stupid. Secondly, unless your Boss / Colleagues are YOUR FRIENDS on Facebook, there is no chance anyone can see what you post.