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  • Orange County NY commercial real estate

    What You Should Know About the Commercial Real Estate Market

    When it comes to real estate and the financial markets, a lot is currently in flux. That’s why it is more important than ever to do your research and find the best trusted professionals. Stay on top of the current trends. Learn more about commercial real estate, including Orange County NY commercial real estate in […]

  • gold and inflation

    How Gold Can Help You Hedge Against Inflation

    No matter which way you spin it, inflation in the USA is becoming of great concern. As the fed raises rates and the stock market is heading in a downward direction, where is there to turn? Learn how gold is often used to hedge against inflation in the following infographic from the United States Gold […]

  • financial war

    Financial War: Russia Excluded From Global Banking?

    Modern day warfare consists of more than drones and advanced weaponry. As we see the Russia / Ukraine conflict unfolding, Russia is being excluded by many global financial markets such as the SWIFT routing system. Learn more about how sanctions against Russia are contributing a significant financial impact to the world economy in the visual […]

  • real estate and inflation

    Can Real Estate Hold Up Against Inflation?

    It’s a smart business move to look for a relatively low risk and high reward when it comes to investments. This is especially so in time of soaring inflation, the highest it’s been in the last 40 years. Is real estate a good hedge against inflation? Learn more in the infographic below: Via LuxurySoCalRealty

  • 25 Interesting Facts About the Health Economy

    25 Interesting Facts About the Health Economy

    From pandemic preparedness to Medicare for All, now more than ever, health care is in the news and on the minds of millions. Whenever health care is the subject, statistics will surely play a part in the discussion. Tired of the same old arguments? Here are 25 interesting facts about the health economy that you […]

  • Data Vis Provides Unique Insight Into Personal Credit Card Debt

    The human mind isn’t meant to deal in numbers past a certain point. Rather, more concrete comparisons are what really drive our understanding and decision making. Along these lines, a poignant new data visualization presented by Expensivity shares some unique insights into how credit cards are used across America. Of note, is that there are […]

  • closed storefront photo

    A Small-Business COVID-19 Resource Guide

    COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented time of economic turmoil for countries around the world. Business owners have been faced with new challenges as they strive to keep their companies afloat while also protecting their employees and customers from health risks. Employees are experiencing many challenges as well, including layoffs, adapting to remote work, the […]