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    Everyday Financial Calculators

    It’s never too early to learn how to manage money. Keeping track of where you spend your money and how much you earn teaches you to save up and set goals. Learning to budget is an important skill to have. When you spend more than you earn, then you have to borrow from other people. […]

  • Small business owner

    50 small business ideas you can start on your own

    If you want to start a small business but you don’t have large cash flow, there are still many great opportunities available. These jobs can be side businesses to start, but they may eventually replace your entire income. A small business on the side was once a novel idea, but it has become more mainstream with […]

  • Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Google

    Google has simplified the lives of people around the world since 1998; it has done this so effectively that it’s easily one of the largest companies in the world. Google is a leader in innovation, and it is responsible for well over 100 products and services to date that people use and rely on every […]

  • focus drinks

    Can’t Focus? Focus Drinks Will Help

    If you are like many overworked people in the workplace, chances are that you have too many distractions, too little sleep, and are using coffee and other caffeinated and sugary drinks to try to compensate. Does this really make sense? We know that we can do better, but lack the direction to efficiently improve. That’s […]

  • Businesses you can start with $1000 or less

    Businesses You Can Start With $1,000 or Less

    Thinking about starting a small business? This is one of the smartest decisions you can make. After all, starting a business is a great way to help people, make a few extra bucks, and pursue your dreams—all at the same time. If you’re looking for business ideas to help you start the company of your […]

  • Garbage Hauling Waste Management

    Top 10 mafia controlled businesses or so we’ve been told

    Organized criminals have a history of investing in legitimate businesses as a base of operations, as well as a means of laundering money from their illegal activities. Unfortunately for the mafia, businesses that operate on a cash basis, as well as smaller family owned companies, are falling by the wayside in favor of franchises and […]

  • 10 Things People Get Wrong In Their First Job

    We’ve all been there – in the heat of the excitement of landing your first job – things start going wrong and you’re not entirely certain why. It’s because there are set of simple mistakes that many of us make when we first enter the workforce because we haven’t got the experience to know any […]