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  • Best Small Business NAS

    5 Best Small Business NAS Solutions

    If your business only stores a few gigabytes of data daily, cloud storage solutions should suffice. But if your storage needs exceed the cloud, but aren’t quite large enough to warrant an investment in expensive rack space, what data storage options are available to a small-business owner? Is there something in between? If this is […]

  • Best IT Support Companies for Small Business Needs

    Best IT Support Companies for Small Business

    When it comes to information technology (IT) services, many small business owners don’t know where to begin. You know using the right tech in the right way is a vital part of success in just about any modern business. What you might not know is exactly what your small business needs from an IT support […]

  • Best Credit Card Readers for Small Business

    From traditional basic swipe cards, to chip friendly, and even touchless payment options, the best credit card readers for small business are mobile, secure, and easy to use. These days it’s easier than ever for businesses of all sorts to accept payment through credit cards.  BP’s Picks for Best Credit Card Reader for Small Business […]

  • Best books for starting a business

    Best Books for Anyone Starting a Business

    When it comes to starting a business, there’s a lot to know. The best book for starting a business can help you get started. But no one business book covers it all. From writing your business plan, to budgeting, managing staff, or changing your habits for success, there’s a business book out there for you. […]

  • Small-Business SEO Company

    The Best SEO Companies for Your Small Business

    Your business has a website — now what? It’s time for SEO.  SEO will fine-tune your site, driving traffic to your business through search engines like Google. When it comes to the internet, traffic means customers, and customers mean sales.  What is SEO and how does it work? Trust us, there’s a lot to know […]

  • What Does LLC Mean?

    Small-business owners need to understand their options, and that means taking a closer look at LLCs. Companies that use this type of legally recognized business structure find a middle ground between the simplistic setup of partnership and the complexities of establishing a full-fledged corporation. Forming an LLC can affect the legal aspects of running your […]

  • Best Degrees for Small-Business Owners

    The 10 Best Degrees for Small-Business Owners

    The number one pick just might surprise you Although some disagree whether a modern entrepreneur needs a college degree at all, the fact of the matter is the right undergraduate student degree can set a small-business owner on a path to success. But which college degree? That question likely brings to mind options like business […]

  • Best Copiers for Small Businesses

    Best Copiers for Small Businesses

    Small businesses run on lean budgets, and even leaner staffing: everything and everyone plays an important role, contributing in their own way to the success or failure of the enterprise. In small businesses, no dollar is spent without careful consideration. You wouldn’t hire someone who can’t handle the workload, or who can’t multitask at the […]

  • Best Espresso Machine for Small Business

    Best Espresso Machine for Small Business

    Whether you want to add coffee to your sandwich shop’s menu, or you’re just looking to trick out your office break room, the best espresso machine is a must-have. Every restaurant, after all, needs espresso on their menu. And how else will you get your staff through the afternoon slump?  But when it comes to […]