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  • Best Intranet Platform for Small Business

    The Best Intranet for Small Business

    The watercooler and the conference room are well-known landmarks in the geography of a workspace. One is a place for socializing—the glue that sticks a team together—and the other, ground zero for planning and executing your business goals. An intranet platform is equally important for the modern small business, functioning a bit like a conference […]

  • 5 Tips for Increasing Website Conversions

    This is a guest post by Brandon Laughridge of An effective call-to-action is a critical component of website conversions. It should not be limited to ecommerce sites. Every page of every website should have a goal or objective for users to complete and a call to action pushes users in that direction. So to […]

  • moving to Florida

    Reasons Why You Should Be Moving to Florida

    In case you haven’t noticed, it has become more and more popular to be moving to Florida. This is especially so when moving from large population centers in places such as New York and California. So what makes the Sunshine state so special, and is it too late to find the best deals for you […]

  • 10 Interview Tips You Really Need to Know

    You’re probably bored of interview tips about dressing professionally and showing up on time; we know we are. That’s because these are the bare minimum you can do when you need to secure a new job – if you can’t dress yourself; it’s not so much interview tips that you need as another few years […]

  • best firewall for small business

    Best Firewall for Small Business

    As a small-business owner, you have a lot on your mind. Sooner or later, you’ll probably realize that the security of your business network should be one of your top priorities. What first drives small business owners to consider getting a firewall differs from one company to the next. A fear of data loss or […]

  • 10 Best Business Board Games

    10 Best Business Board Games

    Becoming a better business person isn’t always about studying the market, reading books by gurus, or going back to school. Playing these 10 business board games will help you improve your skills the fun way. BP’s Picks for Best Business Board Games for Businesses?  Best Overall Business Board Game: Catan Most Cutthroat Business Board Game: […]

  • best side hustles

    10 Best Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

    In today’s world, a single income isn’t always enough to get by on. In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median income for someone working full-time was about $936.00 per week. While this sounds like a fair amount, keep in mind that with averages there are still many making far less per week. […]

  • Three Things That Businesses Shouldn’t Skimp On

    Businesses need to optimize costs to survive and thrive — that’s non-negotiable. We have a lot of ways small businesses can smartly and efficiently manage their finances, which every business owner should read into.  However, businesses can go wrong with trying to shave off expenses in several ways. Some might be readily apparent, but some […]

  • quality surveys

    How to Use Quality Surveys to Drive Better Business Decisions

    All surveys are not created equal. If you are not adept at putting together quality surveys within your organization, seek out the experts to have them help you put them together for you. It can make a world of difference and allow you to make better business decisions. Learn more in the visual deep dive […]

  • Businesses you can start with no money

    Businesses You Can Start With No Money

    Have plenty of courage, dedication, and commitment—but not a lot of cash? Don’t worry. You don’t need a lot of money (or any money at all!) to start your own business. You just need to have a good idea.  Oh, and a good work ethic, of course. If you’re looking for information on businesses you […]