Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest today in his Los Angeles home. The shocking news almost overloaded the infrastructure of the entire World Wide Web. Go to TMZ to watch events unfold around Michael Jackson’s death.

I haven’t felt this rattled by a celebrity death since Princess Di perished in 1997. Michael Jackson was an icon. Although troubled in real life, his celebrity was almost superhuman. He was a legend, and I’m glad to have been around long enough to experience the sensation that he was.

Rest in Peace.

  • João Sousa
  • You can read more about the condition behind Michael Jackson’s death here:

  • preston

    OMG…I just found a detailed report of what happened at

    Crazy stuff man.

  • Ákos

    Rest in peace Michael Jackson The King of POP
    He was a hero.
    I never forget He

  • Five Finger Discount

    In life he only touched children, in death he touches us all

  • John

    MJ’s death was so sudden and unexpected they didn’t have time to cancel the tour and related ads. Further, ad servers often scan the page you’re reading to provide ads related to the content. The server would place the same ads for any article about Jackson (even if it’s about his kid getting some kind of honor at school).
    Jackson was a major enough celebrity, I’ll hope they’ll clear it up within 24 hours.
    This is an unfortunate effect of modern advertising.

  • Charles


  • marcos vinicius

    i am brazillian .. he in brazil we love michael jackson
    rest in peace

  • Ezequiel

    I live in Cd. Madero, Tam., Michael Jackson was the singer more famous of the world, but in peace rest in the sky with God.

  • Mary

    You really think L.A. investigators know what their doing? Look what they screwed up with O.J. & the Mendez Bros. Those guys can’t get anything right.How many where in& out of that house after M.J.died? Then they go back to find ???Did Janet find it for them or what????What was she doing her own police work? Seems nothing new here in how many years still can’t get it right!

  • Richard Garcia

    He may have been wrongly accused in the pedofile case but he was the greatest performer the world came to know to all you nay sayers go to hell because micheal is in heaven!

  • nora

    king of pop . rest in peace michael !
    miss you heaps . your my idol !

  • lenetra wysinger

    Its so sad what u people put this poor, loving, kind, hearted, beautiful, sexy, explosive

    performing breath taking kid at heart through you made animations for laughs used his

    surgery against him said he bleached his skin u tried to make people think he was badly

    touching children your the weired ones your the freaks your the wackos not him he only

    wonted to be love and entertain people thats what he was made to do and you know what he

    did it all to entertain u he never wonted anything back he wasn’t selfish he never asked

    u people for nothin he gave everything and never got nothing back but

    lies,pain,depression,misunderstanding ridicule and heartache now hes left this cruel

    world and is now resting in a better place love you always my friend family and king

    goodbye and REST IN PEACE.

  • Renata

    ×§× ×§× ×§×
    _____ ק×_____)_____ק×

  • Dude

    I am glad Michale Jackson died! WOO HOO! SOS fans!

  • Bitch

    Love you

  • Fahema Khatun

    I love Aaron Carrington

  • rique

    michael was one of the best people who lived in our time
    he was the legend…
    rest in peace dear…
    hope to see you soon.

  • jamie-lee settle

    i love kane snell

  • danielle

    No-one cares about Kane smell’s, we care about Michale Jackson!