Frat Boy Drug Dealers Embrace Technology

How stupid do you have to be to send out illegal solicitations via text message? You’d have to be like – a crack head to do that. Or a college student. Maybe both… 

San Diego State University suspended six fraternities Wednesday after an investigation resulted in 75 students, including members of three fraternities, being arrested on suspicion of openly dealing drugs on campus. And boy were they open.

Those crazy kids and their texting. Apparently the dealers sent at least one mass text message advertising special prices on cocaine. Special pricing! Act now! The Drug Enforcement Administration stated that a member of the Theta Chi fraternity sent out a text message to his stating that he would be unavailable to sell cocaine while in Las Vegas for a fraternity formal.

But not to worry, the frat brothers offered a cocaine "sale", going so far as to list the reduced prices on bulk purchases. Drugs were being advertised in "resale quantities" between members of the fraternity and other students. Inventory was high – police seized cocaine, Ecstasy, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, hash oil, meth, prescription drugs, guns, and at least $60,000 in cash. Business must have been good on campus.

Presumably the intercepted text message wasn’t the first of its kind. This had probably been an effective marketing strategy for the student dealers. Just like beepers and pre-paid telephones, text messaging is now being utilized to facilitate drug deals. Ah, progress. It gives me a whole new perspective on all those offers in my inbox.