Doritos “Boy Slaps Man” Commercial Shows Wit is the Best Way to Go Viral

Advertisers have spent hours of manpower trying to create the best viral videos. Some involve user participation; others cloak the fact that a corporate marketer came up with them. Although these methods create buzz, they don’t do anything a brilliantly-executed TV-style commercial couldn’t. Doritos’ new commercial proves that point. In it, a boy slaps his mom’s boyfriend for stealing his dorito. Simple, witty, and amazingly effective:

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  • gsaldana

    This commercial is Hilarious!!! Love it!!!

  • Mr. P

    This commercial is offensive on so many levels. I guess I am too old, boring and “just don’t get it”. Tell me me again, how a child hitting an adult is funny. Oh, I am sorry leaving in a community were attacks on adults by juveniles is an issue must make me “too sensitive” to see the wit. I guess I will get back to my life of trying to direct kids from single mother led households into being productive citizens.

  • Rgina

    not cute, culturally offensive and disrespectful. Failed! Try again!!!

  • 1 Fly Niner

    Mr. P. You are an idiot!!!

  • Eric Robbins

    This ad was the funniest of all.I’m white but people have to understand black humor!

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Single mom, single guy oogling the short skirt and behind of his affection for the night, sullen looking boy staring at the man as if this scene has played out before with others, and of course the boy slapping man. In just a few years time, this angry boy will start elementary school where he will supposedly have to know how to respect his elders, share, sit still and listen while teacher explains next lesson (I’m sure he’ll be attentive after having sat in front of his Game Boy for 6 years, A.D.D. anyone?)

    I guess for time they had to edit out the 14 year old baby sitter coming in with her boyfriend for the night. And mama must have been in a hurry. Was the little Doritos bowl his lunch or dinner? Where’s Michelle Obama and her turnip garden on this one?

  • Sorry to tell you but this was a cute video Mr. P maybe your too strict that you dont even know what funny is dumb @$$…!

  • Twin Mom

    Maybe I read too much into the Doritos commercial but it was not funny! It’s sad that this young child was depicted as being violent, no father in the home, trying to be the man of the house at age 6, mom brings new men home often, leaves the child alone with a stranger….it was so much wrong with that commercial that it couldn’t get any “WRONGER!”

  • Mr. T

    There are a lot of important issues that we as adults have to deal with in this world. Anyone that does not see the humor in this commercial would be wise to consult a therapist. Lighten Up.

  • shua

    Dude.. wow how are people takin this offensive its suppose to be comic/ funny. All these commercials about beer and advertisement as kids watch the superbowl say sumin bout tha. wastin your time on talkin crap bout a funny clip w/ black humor. This talk of violence n anger.. n games.. The world is full of video violent games which kids play, and children that can’t be handled is usually the parents fault because parents have no backbones when it comes to disciplining their children. Take your garbage post somewhere else, you uptight pricks

  • Will Smith

    Best ad by far. If you honestly think this is offensive, then you need to stop watching football and watch MTV or something. If you think its a stereotype, then are you denying that…somewhere in the US…..there isn’t a single black mom who is dating…and that same mom has her bf over to chill…..and that same black guy who shes dating checks her out……and the boy calls his mom “momma”……what is wrong with this….there are people like this!! We can’t just depict robots who have no culture……Most people who are like this laughed their asses off when they saw that commercial….if you hated this ad cuz you thought it was offensive or disrespectful, go get surgery and have the doctor reattach your spine.

  • I can’t think straight right now, but I think I agree!

  • rpeep

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, the makers of Doritos said a mouthful. According to the ad, it’s common place to visually lust after a single mother in front of her young impressionable son. I wonder, were they targeting a certain people group…The “slap” (the punch line of this ad) said the Mom doesn’t teach her child manners and the kid has no respect for adults. So what was the commercial about? Was it a lesson in how to sell chips using degradation and disrespect. If so, I think a lot of the “target audience” heard it loud and clear. Now, let’s see if it sells.

  • w

    Can someone tell me is that was Russell Swan from survivor?

  • Percy Dovetonsils

    Just picture role reversal. Do this with any ad and see if it is still “funny”. Suppose the visitor slaps the child and tells him to stay away. Watch tv and notice which violence is ok and which violence is not.

  • Bri

    The whole thing was supposed to be funny and most of you are missing the point. They are not advocating hitting adults or disrespecting elders. They are trying to show that to the little boy his doritos are just as important as his momma. That being said, I’m sure some of you are going to reply that doritos shouldn’t be as important as his momma. It is an embellished idea for the commercial. Also it is important to remember the main purpose behind commercials; make the viewer remember the product. Obviously this was a success and for as many of you that found this offensive, I am sure there are 3x as many who thought this was funny and clever. If you want commercials to complain about why don’t you complain about the overly suggestive godaddy commercials or the plethora of ads that contain half naked females. I think those are much more concerning than this very funny doritos ad.

  • Percy Dovetonsils

    To Bri:

    But what about the kids who see this commercial? They have just been shown a violent and unacceptable standard of behavior. The human body is beautiful. We have been shamed into feeling that something is wrong with certain parts of our anatomy. I have no problem with regarding our bodies as sacred or even private. Certain populations go as far as to almost completely cover the body, largely because they fear.

  • kris

    @ Mr. P
    I am a product of a very poor single parent home. I have an MBA and am a Director at a Consumer Products company; my sister is an electrical engineer; my brother graduated from Harvard and owns a software development company which had revenues close to $10M last year.

    You are a complete idiot! Talk about racist stereotyping – You assume that kids from single parent homes won’t turn out to be worth much unless you get your hands on them. Your not even worth more comments – nuff said!

    By the way I laughed my butt off – that commercial was HILARIOUS!

  • no more snow

    i will never eat doritos again.very offensive

  • BoSsMaN

    Alright here’s the deal, all you people who are thinking this is disrespectful to adults and a terrible commercial are the pessimistic adults who have nothing better to do than find the flaws in our modern society. It was meant to be humorous; just take it that way.

  • Bri

    I do not disagree that the human body is beautiful. However, using half naked women in ads is not done for the purpose of showing off it’s beauty. It’s done because sex sells. As far as the “violent” nature of this commercial, I think it is inconsequential. Children see ads for movies, shows, and video games that are far more violent than this dorito ad. Do you really think that there are thousands of kids, who after watching the superbowl and seeing this ad, are going around slapping other children or adults? It is doubtful.

  • Tim

    Wow what has society come to when we have to analyze the violent nature and all the repercussions of every single action…since when does everything have to be so politically correct and if this slap is the worst thing your child ever sees i don’t think they’ll be too scared…you people make me sick to my stomach learn to take a joke and learn how to let your children live in the real world not some sheltered existence!!!!

  • Ron

    Take the stick out of your azz people. Just enjoy the humor of it!! It was a cute ad. People reading too much into it have WAY too much time on their hands!! I’m black and am sick of everyone always having to make a racial issue out of almost anything!! Lighten up!!

  • BoomBally

    I thought this commercial was the funniest. Can someone one send me a download so I can replay it when I need to laugh? ROFL!

  • gsaldana

    Sooo let me get this straight it’s ok to TACKLE an old lady and an old man to the ground… Let a buddy “accidentally” catch his wife showering….build a bridge of people and have a SEMI roll over them all young and old so they can have BEER?? Ohh I get you baby girls wanting to know why her guy didn’t call her is cute.. I especially liked the milk-(AHOLIC)girlfriend that he was trying to hide!!! Wo weeee that is just a wealth of knowledge on how to raise our kids.. then again am I really using SUPERBOWL ads to teach my kids??? I think NOTTTTT!!! SO back to the issue a guy checking out his date and having the HOUSE RULES shown to him is a no no??!! aahhhh Right .. I get it. As for the race issue .. HMMM So if she had been Asian and the kid mixed Dutch and Mexican with a Italian boyfriend it would’ve been all good??? Really… Um who said he’s a boyfriend?? Can she not have a date??? Let’s see… Cartoons don’t show these kinds of things right.. let’s think in the cartoon world let me see let’s start with “Cars” lightning Mc Queen checks out the porches’ “tattoo” pin stripping on her bumper (back side) and has the two groupie cars that go to all the races “flash” him when he gets the trophy… Mater would give a LUGNUT for car parts…or how about Shrek??? a cast of toys performs a song that leads up to the phrase, “wipe your [pause]” face the real rhyme is assumed to be “a–,” demonstrated by the toys bending over and turning their posteriors toward the audience Ahh that’s kid humor right??!!!Ohh and the princess liking PINA COLADAS woooo wee I’m feeling all warm now!!! No I know Little Mermaid the one where 1/2 naked Ariel throws a huge tantrum every time DADDY doesn’t give her what she wants so she sells her voice “soul” basically for legs to the sea “witch” oooooo that’s ooooozzzinnggg with values and morals!!! Be a brat and throw a fit!! Don’t get your way find someone who’ll give it you!! If you’re a speed racer you can check out back sides and have girl’s flash you…princesses drink pina coladas and as long as we have a donkey in the movie the “A” word is A…OK they won’t get it though they’re just KIDS!!! From the beginning cartoons like Yosemite Sam and Road Runner have been “violent”… Betty Boop is known because she’s sexy!!! Lots of the original black and white cartoons show them smoking and drinking!!! I’m not sure what the deal with this particular commercial is but hey if you have the need to critique by all means let me know what else you will never watch or eat as a result. OK I’m done I’m sure this will generate enough convo for the rest of the week…The point really is…. funny how we tear one commercial for one thing but praise another that has the same content just delivered in another way!!! Finally to the I’ll never eat Doritos again comment… well don’t eat snickers.. drink bud… go on go. Daddy…. watch Disney movies… use career builder or drink Coke.. BART shakes and opens a bottle of soda and SPRAYS it all in his dad’s face!!!! HE needs a SLAP!!!!!! KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MOMMA … KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY DORITOS WAS FUNNY and well done!!! Don’t like … hey don’t watch!!!

  • Michelle


    Violence is funny? Offensive on so many levels is right.

    What the hell was Doritos thinking? What the hell is America thinking calling it hilarious?!?

    I’m stunned.

  • Will Smith

    If this ad really has made you decide to never eat delicious doritos again, then you really have no spine. GROW UP and stop whining. Have some backbone to stand up to the constant protectionism of everything and everyone. we can’t be 100% sheltered from offensive things every second of our lives. If we were, where’s the fun in that? You need to learn to accept things that you are often uncomfortable with because thats what makes life awesome. … in short…stop bitching and learn to laugh at something.

  • w

    How can we find out who that guy was, he looks familar??
    He looks like Russell Swan from survivor?

  • MR.Stank O. Pinion

    What is our World Coming to.People dont get it.Yes,Children will respond to this and other media that they see.This was very distastefully done.And if you are ignorant of the facts then do your homework.Media is one of, if not the strongest means of influence on our lives today.This messaging will penetrate the mind of some-one,and even if its one thats one too many.Was the life ,assuming that it wont result in a murder and there be more than one,but was that life worth your few seconds of laughter.Consider this is as good as it gets for Prime time advertisement,These companies spend serious cake on these Super-Bowl slots.Consider you have a child of your own or a close Love One who aspires to do something creative,Couldn’t you have spent that Money a little wiser maybe informed me of some higher learning for my aspiring child or loved one who is truly striving for better.Lastly ,no matter what we think or what our opinion is ,Nothing ever lends rights for disrespect.Cursing or demeaning another is out of line ,no matter what the circumstance.We Got to do Better!!

  • Collette Bloom

    Did anyone feel uncomfortable watching the first SuperBowl commercial by Doritos? It was racist , sexist and filled with stereotypes about the African American culture. Single black woman as head of household, black male playing video games, young child talking to an adult disrespectfully, and topped off with a a child slapping an adult in the face. It was not funny and extremely demeaning to the huge African American audience watching the SB. It played into the worst beliefs about African American males and the product (Doritos) should be boycotted. It was not funny, nor did it have any redeeming value. The advertising media will do anything to increase its bottom line, and in this commercial, it used a young Black male child to do its selling. Do you think the advertisers would have had a young Anglo male slapping a grown man in the face and talking to him in that manner? We cannot allow corporations to build their successes on Jim Crow stereotypes. No more Doritos for me.

  • Michelle

    Thanks Collette and Mr Stank!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will Smith

    Will you stop repeating the term African American please? Its a vague, unspecific, and often misleading term that is used to sound politically correct. Political correctness is simply an attempt to fight ignorance by using more ignorance. BLACK is not an offensive term…USE IT ITS SHORTER. And will you stop being a TV nazi about what is supposedly offensive and what is not. You say that a black woman being the head of a household is sexist?????? Whats wrong with running a household? If im not mistaken…women weren’t allowed to be the heads of households before the women’s’ rights movement…so why are you complaining? Second of all….I hope you softies don’t have kids, because I fear for their future…seeing as they will never be subjected to any bit of reality in their lives.

  • Will Smith

    And how in the world is it racist? If this was a white couple and boy you would not even think to call it racist…but because they are black…you jump on it like dogs on a steak. Grow up and lighten up……and go purchase a sense of humor

  • 2shyTee

    So TRUE GSALSANA & Will Smith…….If it was someone of a different color you wouldn’t see all of this B.S that’s being written about a very funny and humorous commercial. Everyone needs to grow the hell up and get a life. I haven’t seen anyone talking about the milk(aholic) friend, now what about that commercial? “Is all white children being portrayed as alcoholic” or maybe it’s showing how kids can cheat and lie.

  • i laughed my ass off!!! if you dont see the humor in this commercial then,you are part of the reason why this world is so F%&^*#@ up.go buy a sense of humor you MORONS……

  • Da Diz

    This is what’s wrong with this country, we have become so ANAL that we cannot find time to laugh at ourselves.
    I am a black man who have raised two children and I did not find anything wrong with this commercial, if fact me and my wife practically fell off the bed when we first saw it.
    For those who eind this commercial so offense, what do you have to say about such T.V. programs as “Family Guy”?
    The commerical was downright hilarious. Looking forward to seeing it for years to come. GET A LIFE PEOPLE.

  • Leslie

    I found this commercial offensive as well. Why does the black mother have to be single with a rude child? Also, I was offended as a woman at the way the man stared at her behind as she walked away. As I a teacher, I deal with enough disrespectful children. I don’t know who thought this commercial was a good idea. I will not support or buy anymore Doritos.

  • fighting jive

    I found the commercial to be hilarious. I was taken off guard by the slap, but laughed all the same. As an single Black woman with a well behaved son, I did not find the commercial offensive. I just saw a little boy trying to protect his mommy. Though I have been in racist situations before, I do not immediately see in terms of color. What I find offensive is people reacting and making the ad about an attack on single “African-American” women and their children. There are women and children of all races in this situation. In 18 months time I have yet to introduce my son to any males I may go on a date with. None have been worthy. As for looking at her butt, men are going to do this whether you walk down the hall or the street. Fact of life. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that. Just my thoughts.

  • Collette Bloom

    I teach a class of 18 graduate students(4 male and 14 female) that are of African American heritage. These students are in Educational Administration or Educational Psychology. They range in age from 24-36. I played the video ad for them, although most had seen it. Overwhelmingly, all of the students were embarrassed and extremely uncomfortable of this depiction of Black family life. They listed on and on all of the stereotypical behaviors chosen to be used by corporate advertisers to sell Doritos. Violence(hitting an adult), verbal disrespect and anger in the child was the most offensive. Perhaps reducing this video to the level of acceptability is pardonable because it is “funny”, but if it is you being the joke, you may not laugh as hard.

  • JT – ATL

    Michelle, Collette, Mr P, Rgina, and others…. thanks a million for calling the Doritos SB ad for exactly what it is: arrogant, insulting, demeaning, sterotypical garbage! Ill never purchase another product from that disgustingly short-sighted company. Kris, and other poeple of color who were tickled pink by this ad, plz explain to me how a person of color can find humor in a stupid potato chip ad that highlights a provocatively-dressed single BF, a horny dude hoping for a quickie, an out of control bay-bay kid who assaults(huh?) an adult, and then aggressively gets in his face over a stupid potato chip????? Wow! for a people who is at the bottom of every socio-economic category: unemployment, homicide, HIV, uninsured, greater than 50% high shcool drop-out rate, 70% single parent household, its a pathetic reminder of how much farther we truly must travel.

  • Ibrahim

    So many people echo my sentiments, but I will add a few more as this point of view seems to be lacking in comments above. What I saw among other things was this commercial saying to black men “STAY IN YOUR PLACE”… Also, this showed that black men don’t intend to nurture or provide , but rather do nothing more than ogle the “booty” and “steal doritos”.

    A child slapping a man is incomprehensible in a civilized society. This commercial, and its big endorsement of being “the best superbowl commercial” is a travesty. I thought I was the only one, but seeing that other have a disdain for this nonsense gives me hope….

    Ibrahim “Tableek”

  • Will Smith

    Let me ask you a question. If this was with white people, would you call it racist? No. Is this commercial somehow saying that all black single mom families are like this? No. Is it saying that all black men are looking to get a quickie by checking out a single mom? No. Although, I guarantee you, most men are like this anyway…no matter what race they are. This ad did not forwardly make any implications…but you thought that just because of the color of their skin, that they are somehow insulting an entire race. In my opinion, you all are the racists for, firstly, bringing up the race card, which is an overused, cliche, and trite argument for claiming to be offended, and second for taking an isolated incident like the one depicted in the commercial and claiming that it applies to every black family. Grow up, get a sense of proportion and reason, and learn to laugh. The kid was protecting his mom from someone who was a stranger to him. Wouldn’t you want your kids to have that maturity? To protect his own mom? I know I would.

  • Michelle

    I didn’t call it racist, I called it violent and it would be violent no matter what color the actors.

    We cry STOP THE VIOLENCE constantly and then we perpetuate it in “ha ha funny” commercials. Really sick. Even sicker that this is not universally recognized as violence. It may be 2010 but we’ve a loonnnngg way to go before we can actually call our society civilized.

  • Will Smith

    Well, I wasn’t exactly directing that specifically at you. I mean you all in general, as in all of the above who whine about racism. And I don’t believe I have every cried “stop the violence”…Im a little more realistic and not an idealist. And I don’t think the criers of “stop the violence” were talking about facial slappage. More like war. I don’t think that child declared war on that man. And if you honestly think that violence in every single situation everywhere is unacceptable, then you need to wake up and smell the world. Stop trying to create a society where no one is subjected to violence or violent behavior. How can you grow up to be a reasonable person if you have been blinded by whiny, euphemistic, liberal, ideology.

  • Michelle

    Every time a child is killed by a gun in Chicago, people march the streets with signs that say STOP THE VIOLENCE. They march and chant and cry about gun laws. The fact is guns don’t kill children, violent children with guns in their hands do. How do the children become violent? They are beaten every day of their life and told they are worthless. Thus, they put no value of life as no one ever valued theirs. People will march in the streets crying stop the violence and then, go home and beat their kid. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE VIOLENCE AND THE PERPETUATION OF IT. Thank you Doritos for opening up this discussion! Perhaps they can donate a few dollars of their profits to domestic violence shelters or to pay for the funerals of the kids who are murdered.

  • Get A Life

    Exaggerating reality is a concept that the industry often uses for comedic purposes that they feel will catch the attention of their “consumer target” and even make them laugh. Doritos commercials are not intended for everone who eat Doritos but for the group of people who eat Doritos the most, young people and kids. If you are old, given the health issues in many older Americans, you have no business eating Doritos, donuts, candy or any other products like these. So this commercial doesn’t pertain to you. All the movies today that attract the youth have action pact violence, sex, physical comedy etc. The youth are the ones that consume the most. Young people see …they like… they buy. This is what Doritos and every other company is banking on. Whatever makes them spend millions of dollars to go watch robots that blow each other up and then turn into bright colored muscle cars with hot chics driving them; if they can pay to see that, they will pay to eat this. If you are a teacher like someone with a previous posting and your showing this in your class and analyzing it, then you should be fired. I’m sure the students didn’t pay their over priced tuition fees to spend time in a class room talking about Doritos. That is a much more important concern!

  • Get A Life

    By the way for those of you who don’t take notice, this commercial was aired during the Super Bowl. You know… the game that thousands of Americans watch every Sunday to watch guys pummel each other for two hours straight and see who the victor will be. Maybe during a sporting event that has a lot of physical activity we can air some commercials for people that happen to like watching that kind of stuff. How about some physical commercial, a famous old lady being tackled, a kid smacking a guy for checking out mom and taking his snack. In real life this is not acceptable but fortunately for us this is not real life, its tv and its funny because its on tv. I don’t think a 6 ft yellow bird walking around talking and dancing would be very funny in real life. It would probably be a bit disturbing, but you know what. Its freaking hilarious on Sesame Street and kids have been enjoying it for years. I don’t think they go out and expect to see talking yellow birds. However, it does serve its purpose. It ENTERTAINS!

  • Gsaldana

    Get a life – WELL SAID this commercial did air on superbowl Sunday because it won a Doritos crash the superbowl contest … Which people voted for might I add I am surprised at the life that has been created for this mom and son.. You’d think all these people knew her personally.. By the way this commercial was also created by an independent film writer… Joelle De Jesus is a Puerto Rican writer from Hollywood California not some corporate Doritos advertising team!!! This commercial was amusing made to just entertain!!! Wow really people ….?? Stop the drama

  • u guys r stupid

    ok first of all michelle that is not violent at all…i did a simillar thing with the first man my mom let me meet….i grew up to be a straight a student who on the weekends sits at home and plays Call of duty modern warfare2…thats a war game…and if you think its racist then ur really insecure….it was made for humor not for drama if you dont like it quit watching it!!!!!!!!…..and if u complain about this one go complain about the doritos comercial with the anti bark calor and say its animal cruelty……………GET A FU(K!NG LIFE

  • JT – ATL

    above commenter, why are you getting so emotional? thats that 1st sign insecurity. dude, take a pill! anyway, there was a most interesting article in today’s(20feb) chicago tribune entitled, “lessons from the streets.” the message has a striking connection to this trifling doritos SB ad. ibrahim, you are right on point…thank-you! will smith & ‘get a life'(hummmm, interesting name) – i just gotta pray for you cause you really don’t get it…knowledge is power. so plz go get some because to find laughter and humor in a kid slapping a grown man(or anyone) in the face over a dry potato chip(even in tv-land) takes us back 200 50 or 60 years. how soon do we forget…

  • Jake

    Dude, you are ALL overanalyzing it. The guy was a jerk and a womanizer, and the little boy put him in his place – played for laughs. It would have been the same if they were white or hispanic. Know what? Just so we don’t offend any of you EVER AGAIN, let’s not cast black people or any other minority in a role with anything even close to violence again. THAT will solve the supposed “racism”.


    Maybe ‘some people’ just don’t understand why this ad is offensive and full or dumb stereotypes. If it was a white man, coming to pick up a white woman for a date who was hit by her young white son people probably wouldn’t be offended, they would just be confused. They would wonder where the young boy’s father was and why this little boy was there with his mom’s ‘date’ in the first place. I am personally not offended by the commercial itself, moreso the fact that this doesn’t seem to be out of place because in our minds somebody’s black baby momma is the norm, and a happily married black couple is a rare exception :-/

  • MR.Stank O. Pinion

    PLEASE…Let’s all Hope for a better Tomorrow and if Not for ourselves then lets at least do it for the Children,All children and all people.
    Willi Smith,your name appears way too many times my man,Seems you’ve some issues or terrible time management of Just too much time.DORITOS should absolutely hire you on.
    By the way Jake I am more than 100% positive you don’t exist in the casting world equation that matters,However if for some awful reason the world was stricken with such reality to deal with.Yourself along with many others would find your bank accounts certainly reflecting the same Negative liability.

  • Kathryn

    As a parent we try to teach our kids not to hit and then a commercial like this come along and sends them the message that it is “funny”. In real life slapping or hitting someone is not funny, it is the criminal act of battery. While an adult is probably not going to press charges against a little kid, there are not a lot of men that would stand there and take it either and many would not go on a 2nd date with a woman where her child rules the house, not her.

    I wrote Frito and complained about the commercial and was emailed back that it was picked by voters on their site as being the best – as sad statement on the values of our country, but does seem to illustrate the author of this article’s point with this being what is popular with a lot of people.

    The scene where Macaulay Culkin’s character in Uncle Buck question Uncle Buck (John Candy) with an succession of consecutive questions is cute – this commercial is not and I won’t be opening my wallet to purchase Doritos in the near future for not only condoning but promoting poor values.

  • krista

    @ Stephanie
    Have you not seen or heard of Nanny 911?!?!? White kids out the wazoo slappin’ kickin’ punchin’ cussin’ out their parents with the parents crying like babies and not handling their children. At least the Doritos comercial shows the young child actually RESPECTING his momma and making sure her date respects her too!

    Get a reality check – there are A LOT of single black mothers and that’s nothing to be ashamed of as they could have killed their babies instead. Are both parents the preference – every single one of them would tell you YES! But they have to deal with the situation in which they find themselves and if Doritos can add a little humor to that I say – Right on!

  • I almost fell off my bed laughing. I love it!!!!!!!!! Everyone who doesn’t get a hobby!!!!

  • This was hilarious! I am a black single mother who DOES NOT bring men to my house or even date for that matter. This was a commercial, and not all commercials are intellectual or racially sensitive. TV should not be a standard of how to raise productive members of society. Children should not be watching TV that is not designated as children’s programming. Even when they watch children’s programs they still have to be monitored. Don’t blame advertisers if you can’t control your kids. The ad was funny, and not politically correct, but SO WHAT. This society at times is a little too politically correct. Those who didn’t find it funny should stop taking themselves so seriously. This was one of the most humorous commercials I have ever seen.

  • Anthony Samuelson

    I’m just glad that someone in the commercial stood up for decency, even if it was a kid. We throw the word “violence” on anything more physical than a chess game, but “violence” is a part of existence. The intent of violence should determine its acceptability. Criminals use violence against innocents. Sure that’s bad, but how much worse would it be if police didn’t use violence to protect the innocent. Bullies use violence to take over a play ground. Parents use violence to make sure their kids don’t grow up to be bullies. The arguments against this commercial are as ridiculous as arguments against rain. Get an umbrella, and let the grass grow.

  • brittany t

    I think this commercial is very funny and filled with humor.It is innocent people dang its really not that serious get a life and a GRIP!

  • I love it. I agree with the person who made the comment about single mothers. You are right quit sterotyping. There are many strong black women who raise their sons to respect adults and their mothers!! Some of you do not have a sense of humor.

  • amelia arianna martinez

    well excuse me if im just a “kid” and get on your nerves!!! i’m fourteen and in schoolbujt seriously i’m just trying to do my project on advertisement and umm let’s see your critisizing it~!!! get over it, have a laugh!!! for reals you mr. P need to go have kids and if you have some i hope you give them a little bit of freedom!!! and really this commercial was supposed to be funny and sell doritos!!! you both completely missed the point and that’s all that needs to be said… with all do respect you need to loosen up!!!!

  • I am happy I found this post. We are going through a little controversy right now with our submissions to the 2011 contest:

    It’s good to see that even if some people take it the wrong way, it can still be a winner. We have our fingers crossed!

  • JT

    this garbage is no winner by a long shot!!!

  • TS1

    Wooooow, people. Ok, I’m just a 14 year old kid, who stumbled upon these comments while doiing an english advertising project, but I got a lot to say.
    4) I’m really not trying to be rude to anyone here, but I sorry: WHO GIVES A RAT’S BEHIND WETHER OR NOT YOU LIKED THE COMMERCIAL! IT’S A COMMERCIAL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!
    5) If this commercial offends you in any way shape or form, as my teacher says, CHANGE TEH CHANNEL AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!!

  • TS1

    And also, there’s nothing wrong with a good laugh everynow and then, so why can’t you just laugh, have a good time, talk about it afterwards and move on?
    And, once again, I apologize if anything I said was rude, disrepectful, or uncalled for.

  • MTD

    TSI, anything wrong with a hearty slap in the face??

  • lhuuv dix it funni azz i dntt kno wutt:)

  • You’re a Jew

    Wow. To all the people who say they don’t understand this commercial or say it’s culturally/ stereotypically offensive. Get the dildos out of your ass and live a little. Stop being so politically correct and lighten up.

  • TS1

    No, but seriously, IT IS just a commercial. I mean, no offense, but you people are making a HUGE fuss over nothing! It’s just like my brothers and sisters and I. We bicker and fight until our parents tell us to shut the heck up or they’ll do it for us. It was only a little kid slappig a grown man across the face, you guys. It’s not like he kicked him in the balls and started mouthing off like a sailor!

  • Amanda

    Its pretty ridiculous how everything has to be taken seriously these days. ITS A COMMERCIAL. Doritios commercials are supposed to be funny. All they want from you is for you to buy their chips.
    And in reality, this kid is actually pretty smart. He obviously knows what this guy wants from his mother, and he doesn’t seem to like it. This happens a lot, so don’t get your panties in a bunch over a freaking commercial.

  • Amanda

    Oh, and to add, my mother is a recently single mother (she is dating at the moment). I felt the same way during one of my mom’s previous relationships. Mind you I was 12 at the time, but I wanted to slap him in the face. I honestly wish I did, because he was a total a-hole. This kid is standing up for all of the single mother’s kids who take too much crap.

  • Elle

    Had the guy been white no one would have thought it was “hilarious”. Fuck doritos and fuck the fat bastards who obsess over this salty, cheesy poison. Kid needs his ass beat and the mom, and all women with bad ass kids, need their faces slapped. Black people, have we been so dumbed down that we don’t know when we’re being insulted?! Black Americans are so fucked!

  • Elle

    Anthony Samuelson, your stance is bullshit. Someone should have slapped the man that knocked his mom up then left. Like I stated, had the guy and the kid been white, no one would have thought it was funny.

  • everyone who dislikes this ad is a douche. get over the kid hitting the adult its funny its innocent and a joke. get the hell over it. quit looking so deeply into it your the reasons we have obama as president. Yall are idiots and worthless members to society. Get off of looking so far into things and pull the stick out your asses

  • Will Smith

    Of course its funny, and them being black adds to the humor. Part of having a sense of humor is being able to laugh at things, including race. You saying “Oh..if they were white, it wouldn’t be funny”……whats your point. Does this somehow enslave the entire black community? NO! I can’t believe that I feel obligated to even comment on this. If you, and Im talking to this fool, Elle, think this is somehow (by some ludicrous form of thinking, then shouldn’t you also slap yourself in the face for assuming that this black woman was knocked up? Aren’t you being as stereotypical as the makers of this ad? YES! Is that a bad thing? NO! I don’t blame you, which is also why I laughed at this. Stop being such a namby-pamby, lets make everything soft and politically correct, utopian fool and learn how to laugh.