Snapchat Video Is Starting To Catch Up To Facebook

Snapchat Video views - Daily Totals

Snapchat videos have reached 6 billion plays per day according to the Financial Times.

In May the company was delivering just 2 billion video plays on a daily basis.

Snapchat confirmed the view count but declined to give any further details about its quick climb.

The new 6 billion figure means Snapchat is quickly closing the video gap with Facebook, which last week said it had doubled its number of daily video views to 8 billion, up from 4 billion in April.

While Facebook attracts 1 billion daily active users, Snapchat is responsible for only 10% of that number with 100 million users logging in daily. That means Snapchat’s smaller userbase is far more engaged with videos.

It’s worth mentioning that Snapchat typically features shorter videos, which may account for the sheer number of videos users watch.

Digiday reported in August that Snapchat had been charging advertisers for video ads viewed for less than a second. Facebook, on the other hand, counts a video as being “viewed” if it has been watched for three seconds or more.

Online video metrics are¬†an increasingly important factor for platforms.¬†According to Business Insider, “online video is the fastest-growing segment in the digital advertising sector. The online video ad market in the US is projected to grow 33.8% this year to $7.7 billion.”

That number is expected to grow to $14.4 billion by 2019.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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