Facebook Chronicles: Consulting the Files


When I was a kid I was amazed every time I went to the dentist and they remembered stuff about me. Not only did they know my name, but they knew what school I went to and the books I liked to read. They knew what sports I played and what my favorite shows were on TV. They remembered everything about me!

And they were so nice. My amazement lasted until someone told me that they kept information in the files and read it just before people came in for their appointments.

That’s good business.

Can’t we do the same thing with Facebook? I’m busy, and I come in contact with a lot of people. One of my favorite new ways to use Facebook is to do a quick search for an acquaintance I’m expecting to see. In just a couple of minutes I can acquaint, or reacquaint myself with things that are important to this person. I brush up on things like their kids names and check their profiles for information that will help me ask about mutual friends and interests.

Facebook has helped me learn names because the names and the faces are in front of me so much more often than they would be in ‘real’ life. Using it as my own personal files takes this tool a step further.

How are you using Facebook for business?

Image Credit: net_efeckt, Flickr