Google “Cheat View” Catches Unfaithful Husband

Update: This story is a hoax. Nice work, Mark Stephens. More here.

Google Cheat View is an informal new use for Google Streetview. The Sun reports that a wife caught her husband cheating when she found his Range Rover parked at her friend’s house through Google Streetview. The husband had claimed he was away on business. When the wife found out that “business” really meant getting busy, she filed for divorce.

According to the article, this isn’t an isolated case. A man complained to Google when Streetview snapped him walking out of a sex shop. Another person was caught smoking in front of a No Smoking sign.

If Google introduces a technology, and it results in broken marriages, embarrassment, and lawsuits, is it Google’s responsibility to protect or redeem individuals? Or is it up to the individual to avoid improper use of the technology? What do you think?

(Ed.: I quoted this article from the Sun. A quick fact-check would have shown that the probability of Google Streetview catching this kind of thing would have been little to none, as Google’s van is far from a 24/7 surveillance vehicle. Whoops! I’ll avoid the Sun from now on, and probably Fox. It’s a good reminder to stay skeptical of outrageous claims.)

  • In public, everything you do is a public. If there was a someone standing there looking in that happened to know the person, there would have been the same outcome. This just teaches everybody that they either need to be more careful, or be more moral/ethical.

  • @Brent Wong: Not everyone has the same morals/ethics. Most people would agree that frequenting a sex shop (assuming it means selling sex toys, not selling sex) and smoking cigarettes are not in and of themselves immoral or unethical acts. “Illegal” does not necessarily mean “immoral,” and some of the acts above aren’t even illegal.

  • Check your sources. The Sun story is a blogger-produced hoax that fit the Sun criteria of what they wanted to write about. It’s successfully showing the poor quality of fact-checking in the MSM as it’s been repeated now by FOX News.

    More info :

  • Who cares if it is a hoax or not. If you don’t cheat, are not an embarrassment, and do not do anything illegal, immoral or unethical you don’t have to worry about hoaxes or reality. Or living the American Dream of who can I sue!

  • Drea

    Chelfyn–Thanks for the tip (*chagrined*). At least I’m not the only one who fell for it. I’ll update the post to mention that it’s a hoax.

  • V

    The guy behind “Idiot Forever” is a liar. The story about the cheater uncovered by Google Street View was already published in The Times on 2009-03-26 and written by the REAL Mark Stephens:

  • Drea

    V–it’s a hoax within a hoax, isn’t it? Thanks for the heads up. I have once again edited the post in order to give credit to Mr. Stephens.

  • …which is why sources all need to be checked. especially around april 1st :)