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  • Burger King Hot Dogs

    Burger King will start selling hot dogs on February 23

    After 62-years in business Burger King has announced plans to sell hot dogs. The new food item will be added to the company’s menu starting February 23. The company will sell a classic version of the hot dog alongside a chili-cheese dog. During the announcement on Tuesday one executive called the hot dog the biggest launch […]

  • Brazilian-Owned 3G Capital Buys Burger King

    Investment firm 3G Capital bought Burger King today for $3.26 billion. 3G Capital is backed by Brazilian tycoon Jorge Paulo Lemann, known in Brazil for founding the prestigious investment firm Banco Garantia and owning Brazilian brewing giant AmBev, which eventually merged with Belgium’s Interbrew to become InBev. Burger King isn’t 3G’s first US fast food […]