A New Vision for BusinessPundit

Focusing on the future

BusinessPundit has been around since 2003. It made a name for itself with insightful commentary, but eventually fell into disarray as it chased the clickbait market. We’re going to change that.

Our goal is to revamp BusinessPundit into a thought-leader website with monthly in-depth commentary from a number of thinkers with strong, ideologically-diverse opinions. The goal is to tackle the Big Problems with an eye to the future. Additionally, I’d like to regularly tap into solid data like this site: https://ourworldindata.org/blog/

There are a number of topics that I’d like to focus on at BusinessPundit, these include:

The viability of Universal Basic Income
Several thought leaders including Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have hinted at the future need of a universal basic income due to the increasing displacement of jobs by robots and machines. Can society make the pivot? What will the challenges be?

The Blockchain
The blockchain is being hyped as a game changer. A destroyer of the gatekeeper. Is it real or overhyped?

The consequences of automation
As more and more jobs are displaced by automation, how do we restructure society to be less job centric?

There is increasing evidence that humans have a vast range of neurodiversity that effects everything from goal setting, personality, dispositions, attitudes, wants, likes, risk taking and talent. How might society internalize neurodiversity to become more effecient?

The third world migrant crisis
How do we uphold our values, preserve our high-functioning societies, while addressing the issue of third world economic migration?

The future of the job
Will the job play a less vital role in personal identity in the future? Will it be less necessary for basic living? Will many choose not to work a full time job? Will some continue to work a full time job?

Conditions for the sustainability of Single Payer Healthcare
Can single payer healthcare work? And if so, are there conditions that must be met (such as strong borders) to keep it sustainable?

The future of social purpose
If jobs increasingly become scarce, where will people derive a sense of social purpose?

The future of money
Will the nature of money change in the future? Will it lose its power to shape (and even destroy) lives? How will things like automation, the internet and the blockchain enable non-monetary value to be expressed based on meritocracy rather than gatekeeping and control?

The future of taxation
What will taxes look like in 100 years? Will they be simplified? Automated? Or will money take on such a different nature that taxation becomes antiquated?

Many people see a lot of potential in cryptocurrency as a way to make financial transactions more efficient (less hops, less rules, elimination of national boundaries, etc.). How will this effect the economy? Note that Russia is no mining Bitcoin as a national reserve. And Overstock.com are now accepting cryptocurrency for purchases. It seems here to stay.

Conditions for the sustainability of socialism
Can socialism ever work (see Nordic nations)? If so, are there conditions that must be met to avoid failure (see Venezuela)?

The danger of the mob in the Internet age
The Internet turns a single mis-statement into a potential mob outrage, and life-changing firing. What can be done to address the amplification of the human emotions and tribalism in a non-natural environment?

Dangerous trends in society
Free speech vs Hate speech. The existence of slippery slopes. The importance of due process.

The role of risk taking in society and economic development
How society effects the amount of risk citizens are willing to take, and what are the limits of good risk taking (versus destructive risk taking)?

Skin in the Game
Why it’s important that decision makers have something to gain or lose with every policy decision that gets made in business or politics.

Does size matter?
Why do corporations grow stale? Why do small businesses have advantages? Is there an ideal size for businesses? Nations? Economies?

The future of technology
Will AI be dangerous or an innocuous best friend?