Best Copiers for Small Businesses

Best Copiers for Small Businesses

Small businesses run on lean budgets, and even leaner staffing: everything and everyone plays an important role, contributing in their own way to the success or failure of the enterprise. In small businesses, no dollar is spent without careful consideration. You wouldn’t hire someone who can’t handle the workload, or who can’t multitask at the rate your business requires, would you? Why, then, would you buy a copier unable to do the same?

The best copier for small businesses, no matter the volume, should be reliable, hard-working, and laser-focused on the task at hand. These days, printers and copiers do a lot more than just put black ink on white paper. They’re like a central hub for countless crucial tasks at the core of many modern businesses. It’s not an overstatement to say that the success of your small business could rest on a quality, multifunction copier. 

And most of all, the best copier for your small business shouldn’t blow your first quarter budget.

To this end, we selected five of the very best copiers for small businesses. From best overall to the best color copier, and from high, low, and medium volume copiers, there’s a copier for every kind of small business in this ranking. Don’t think of these copiers like an appliance or a piece of furniture. Instead, the best copier for small businesses should be like a member of the team.

BP’s Picks for Best Copiers for Small Businesses

How to Pick the Best Copier for Small Businesses

Just because your business is small, it doesn’t mean your printer shouldn’t be a workhorse. You may need a high-volume printer lit up like Grand Central Station on a Friday night. That’s because even though your office is small, your output is big. Or maybe instead, you need just a small, single-function copier to do one thing, and do one thing well — after all, who uses much paper anymore, anyway?

Or maybe your needs rest somewhere in between. To this end, we included high-, medium-, and low-volume, and color copiers and printers in our ranking. That’s called the printer duty cycle. Here’s how to choose, based on the size of your team and the estimated average monthly use by pages.

High-Volume Copiers 

High-volume copiers and printers are the workhorses of the office: designed for heavy use, and able to produce 55 pages per minute on average. High-volume copiers produce what you need quickly and efficiently on high-powered engines. Best of all, they’re easy to set up, and these days, most come with Wi-Fi capabilities.

  • Size of workgroup: 20–30 users
  • Average monthly use: 15,000 pages

Medium-Volume Copiers

Medium-volume copiers and printers can produce up to 40 sheets per minute. They can operate for long periods, but are not meant to run continuously. They share many functions with high-volume printers, and they can print A4, A3, and other size paper. They may also collate, with a paper capacity of about 500 sheets, depending on the paper size.

  • Size of workgroup: 10–20 users
  • Average monthly use: 10,000 pages

Low-Volume Copiers

Small and compact, low-volume copiers and printers are for light usage. Nevertheless, they’re reliable and produce quality output when called upon. They’re also much less expensive than their higher-volume counterparts, but may lack certain extra functions crucial to your operation.

  • Size of workgroup: Less than 10
  • Average monthly use: Less than 10,000 pages

Single-Function Copiers

Or maybe instead you do most of your business online, storing most files and paperwork on the cloud. Who needs paper anyway, except to print forms and documents very, very occasionally? Single-function printers do one thing, and do one thing well: print documents. They’re cheap, compact and dependable, but don’t expect any bells and whistles. 

  • Size of workgroup: Under 10, maybe just you
  • Average monthly use: Occasional or infrequent

Best Overall: Canon imageCLASS MF236n

Canon imageCLASS MF236n

There are many reasons we chose the Canon imageCLASS MF236n as the best copier for small businesses. Not least of which, it’s an all-in-one printer from one of the nation’s most trusted brands: Canon. Being all-in-one means that in addition to copying, this copier scans and faxes. Best of all, it’s small and compact, fitting on a desktop, and it won’t cost you a fortune. 

Though a stellar product, the imageCLASS prints about 24 pages per minute, meaning it’s relatively low volume (our high- and medium-volume recommendations are coming up a bit later on). Nevertheless, the product has a Quick First Print time of six seconds or less and networks through an Ethernet connection. It’s also compatible with both Apple, Android, and Kindle devices through AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Canon Print Plugin for Kindle and the Canon Mobile Printing App.

Got a form requiring a signature that you need to scan and email? The MF236n has you covered here as well. That’s because with Canon’s Mobile Scanning for Business, you can also scan documents straight to your device.

Furthermore, navigation is simple with a customizable control panel and a 250-page front loading cassette for paper handling. Don’t miss the energy saving mode, reducing the unit’s power usage when idle, helping your small business save money and consume less energy. 

Technical Specs

Above all else, one technical specification that contributed to the MF236n standing apart in our ranking is its use of the quality Canon Genuine Cartridge 137, a single cartridge system that combines both toner and drum and yields about 2,400 pages. No small-business owner wants to spend time and money messing with that sort of thing anyway. 

We also like the customizable, easy-to-use control panel, because you’re a small business owner, not necessarily an IT whiz. The tiltable, six-line, black and white LCD touchscreen allows for a customizable home screen, putting your most commonly used features all in one place: no hunting and pecking. There’s also quiet mode to cut down on distracting and noisy big print jobs.

It does only print in black and white (keep reading for color copiers), but it does scan in color, and the auto-document feeder holds up to 35 pages. Pretty convenient. Otherwise, the copier accommodates plain paper, transparencies, and envelopes. And in addition to Ethernet, it also networks via USB. Another point worth mentioning is the Canon Print Plugin for Kindle. With the plugin, you can print docs, photos, emails, and calendar events directly from your Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablet.

There’s also the convenience of Apple AirPrint for the added convenience of printing straight from your iPhone, iPad, or even your iPod touch. But the Canon is compatible with Android as well.

Don’t Underestimate the Canon ImageCLASS

After reading through consumer reviews and comparing it with the competition, we came to the conclusion that the ImageCLASS is a bit underrated — even in its own product description. Weighing less than 30 pounds, this copier and printer is perfect for a small office, according to one satisfied owner, while another said it ran strong, even while printing a 300-page contract.

We learned it wakes up quickly from sleep mode to produce awesome, crisp, and clear printing. There are laser-sharp text printouts, with good quality copying and copy feeder, and the auto-sheet feeder works well. We especially like how easy it is to network the machine to an LAN via Ethernet. Many don’t even bother with quiet mode since the copier runs so quietly in the first place.

We’re especially encouraged by reports that this is the easiest copier/printer many have ever installed, going from box to full functionality in a matter of minutes — because we all know the last thing a small-business owner needs is to lose a day messing with a difficult-to-use printer. Since small-business owners are always cost-conscious, it’s worth mentioning money and resource saving 2-on-1, 4-on-1, and double-sided printing available from the ImageCLASS. 

We also love that you can hardcopy originals using the Canon Print Business app — easy and convenient. 

What Could Be Better?

There are a few things, of course, that could be improved about the ImageCLASS. First of all, be aware the copier doesn’t come with either an Ethernet or USB cable. You also have to download the scan utility separate from the printer driver. If you own the ImageCLASS and you’re unable to scan, this could be why. 

Speaking of scans, another troublesome quirk about the ImageCLASS is that you can’t name the files as you’re scanning them, it just appends the date. Not a big deal if you’re scanning only a few things, but for large projects it can become an issue.

Also, as previously mentioned, the ImageCLASS uses an all-in-one toner cartridge. This has many advantages but one primary disadvantage: You can only use Canon printer cartridges, and they aren’t cheap. Interestingly, though, many have found that less-expensive Amazon toner works just as well, but some users find that inconvenient. 

Others have issues using the ImageCLASS to print on Avery brand LASER Labels, and many report the instruction manual to be inadequate. Another word of caution is that many recommend putting something like felt pads on the bottom of the copier to prevent scratching up your desktop or shelves. 

Best Low-Volume: Xerox B205NI Monochrome Multifunction Printer

Xerox B205NI Monochrome Multifunction Printer

Topping the low volume copier category in our ranking is the B205NI Multifunction Printer from Xerox. This compact unit fits anywhere, perfect for a home or small office. It’s a lightweight, and quiet multifunction choice for printing, copying, and scanning through standard wireless connectivity. We especially like the easy-to-read, two-line LCD user interface. 

The automatic document feeder holds 40 sheets with a standard paper capacity of 250 sheets. There’s also a one-sheet manual feed slot. Small businesses need to multitask, and the B205NI has you covered in this regard, printing on all sorts of media types. That list includes plain, thick, thin, cotton, colored, pre-printed, recycled, transparencies, label, cardstock, bond, and archive. Phew, that’s a long list.

Ideal for up to five users, the multifunction printer produces its first page in a little less than 9 seconds, with an average monthly volume of about 2,500 pages. If your business deals with sensitive documents, the B205NI is an especially great choice, since you can print securely from your mobile device, laptop, or desktop, with scan to email with authentication, secure print, and secure fax receive protocols coming built in.

For eco-conscious business owners, it’s important to note the B205NI is also Energy Star qualified, helping minimize your business’s environmental impact. Don’t miss features like EPEAT, Green World Alliance, Toner Saver, N-up Printing and N-up Copying.

Technical Specs

Among other notable tech specifications of B205NI, what we perhaps like most of all is its versatile connectivity. You can plug and print through the USB port, or cut the cord and go wireless, no router or complicated time-consuming setup. The printer/copier is also AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Android support compatible. 

Output is about 31 pages per minute, adequate for most low-volume purposes, and it is truly light and compact, fitting easily on a bookshelf. It’s also very quiet — that way you can get a little work done from the home office while the baby is sleeping. Setup is fast — under 20 minutes for most people, and Xerox ink costs less than the competitors.

For a business-class device, this is definitely best among its peers. It isn’t plug ‘n’ play (no “wizards” or easy setup apps), but it produces clean copies fast. The drivers install effortlessly. We especially like the 600 MHz processor and 256 MB of memory. Expect 600 x 600 dpi, or an enhanced dpi 1200 x 1200, and you scan directly to USB, email, PC, or the network. 

Best of all, a 1,000-print capacity starter cartridge comes included with purchase, with a software and documentation CD included. 

Xerox B205NI: Unbeatable for the Price

Xerox is the gold standard for printing and copying needs, so this perhaps goes without saying, but be sure to use Xerox brand supplies in the B205NI for best results. To turn off the banner page, go to properties and then services. Then, navigate to “Printing” and click on the “Banner Page” tab before selecting: “Disabled.” Otherwise, this is a very easy multifunction printer (MFP) for scanning to email, or instead, scanning to a folder. 

We love how fast and reliable it is, and the efficient use of printer ink (less money spent on cartridges). Scanning also works great. Compatibility with iPad and iPhone is especially notable, but no issues are reported with PCs, Google laptops, and phones. If your network should ever go down, you can continue to rely on the B205NI due to the built-in Wi-Fi direct network. 

This choice may lack some fancy features common in other models from other brands, but the preponderance of positive consumer reviews show this is a reliable workhorse satisfying the needs of many small-business owners. The toner cartridges last long, and the color scans are high quality. Don’t forget, it’s all protected by a Xerox warranty — among the most trusted brand names in the business.

What Could Be Better?

No purchasing decision should be made without considering drawbacks and downsides of a product, so we’ll present those to you now. Many report that it’s difficult to turn off the banner page printing function, but that’s easily solvable using the method we described a bit earlier — just a little bit of a different process than other printer/copiers, but you’ll figure it out.

There’s also no duplex or twain scanning (for Windows Machines, try using a third-party twain software like IrfanView). Otherwise, this MFP comes with PCL, PostScript and v4 Windows class drivers. You also can’t add a second tray to the printer, and many are dissatisfied with the DPI. Mac users should be aware that Catalina (10.15) printer drives come included, but Catalina has enhanced security measures. That means you will be prevented from running any executable code that is not properly signed. 

It’s possible to disable this, but it requires some pretty high-level knowledge of the inner workings of Mac Software, probably beyond the skill of most average users. Setting up Airprint is possible, but it requires connecting to the Wi-Fi first. Other issues encountered include reports of messy printer cartridges, and the manual feeder jamming. But the occasional paper jam is just par for the course for most printers and copiers. Overall, considering the price, ease of use, and quality of the product, we feel confident in the B205NI as the best low-volume copier for a small business. 

Best Medium-Volume: HP OfficeJet Pro 9025

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025

Let’s now talk a bit about medium-volume copiers, the kind of printers that, in the immortal words of Goldilocks, will be just right for any kind of mid-sized business. The kind with printing and copying needs right in the middle of the pack: not too big and not too small. Our choice for the best medium-volume printer is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025. First of all, this wireless printer does it all: It prints, copies, and scans, and it does it all up to twice as fast as earlier HP models.

Tired of paperwork? Listen up. With the 9025, you can also use Smart Tasks to sync to QuickBooks and Google Drive, among many others. You can also use Smart Tasks to scan and store documents. Store them with cloud software like iCloud or Box and search and edit those documents later before printing. This is a quick and convenient way to perform tedious, paperwork-related tasks like organizing receipts. And anything that can be done to save time for a small-business owner is worth mentioning. Perhaps best of all, it can all be done from your phone! 

Speaking of performing tasks remotely using the HP Smart app, we learned you can even monitor ink levels — pretty convenient!

Technical Specs

Other not-to-be-missed tech specifications about the 9025 include a 35-page automatic document feeder, for print speeds reaching about 24 pages per minute. The feeder is both single-pass and two-sided. The copier even offers so-called self-healing Wi-Fi. What’s that? This feature will ensure you stay connected to the Wi-Fi when it matters most, with three stages of reconnection whenever Wi-Fi issues are detected.

As far as ink, sign up for HP Instant Ink during printer setup to get HP 962 ink delivered to your home office. This is optional, of course, but we recommend it to take one more to-do off the list of any small-business owner. The first two months are free, and it’s only $0.99 a month after that. Pretty affordable for any budget (shipping and recycling included). 

We also like the built-in security features that come included with the 9025, like basic encryption, password protection, Wi-Fi security, and document protection. We also love the easy slide-off glass, and the extra paper tray for an entire ream of paper: plenty for your medium-volume printing needs. The copier is also versatile, handling envelopes, plain paper, transparencies, high-resolution paper, card stock, labels, and glossy photo paper. Also worth mentioning: it’s Alexa compatible!

The OfficeJet Pro 9025: The Best of Tech Meets Classic Reliability

The tech features of the 9025 begin with the panel from which all the functions are controlled. If that’s not your style, though, we also really like the web interface, where all the functions are just as easily available. You can connect the 9025 to your network through the router, straight to a computer with its own connection or USB and Bluetooth. For most, it all sets up in less than about 20 minutes — no IT expertise required! It’s also worth mentioning, the 9025 may seem a little big at first for a small home office, but it really is compact, fitting almost anywhere. 

And not only is the 9025 faster than previous models, it’s also quieter than ever before. When tested, the automatic feeder stayed free of jams, continuing to work perfectly. It’s worth mentioning again how many tasks are now covered through the app, and your private data is secure through new encryption features. Sometimes home offices run two different networks — one for business, and one for personal use. The 9025 moves effortlessly between the two without any connectivity issues.

For copier use specifically, there are several preset options including document, ID card, and photo. We learned you can simply tap the settings icon to reduce or enlarge, set a binding margin, or utilize two-sided copying. Otherwise, you can feel confident that the 9025 will produce crisp, clean documents, jam-free and quickly — even from a mobile device!

What Could Be Better?

We enthusiastically stand behind the the OfficeJet Pro 9025 as the best medium-volume, all-in-one printer and copier for small businesses. Nevertheless, there are some things you should know before making your purchase. First of all, some connectivity issues were reported using a router, but that was quickly remedied by giving the printer a static IP address. (Tip: search for the printer by that IP address, rather than the name of the printer.)

Also, HP is going to throw a lot of marketing collateral at you at the initial setup. You can easily decline all that, but we really do recommend the Instant Ink program. If you do choose to operate through the touch screen, you may find it a little small — especially when compared to other models. And while perfectly suited for mid-sized printing jobs, the 250 page capacity is a little light for big print jobs.

Also speaking from experience, we recommend skipping both the 1st and 2nd driver. These aren’t actually the printer driver, but a startup application that will download and run the actual drivers. Save time and go straight to the HP Support page for the printer. Then, simply navigate to the last section and expand Basic Drivers. There you’ll find the actual driver, without downloading all that bloatware you don’t really need. 

Best High-Volume: Xerox VersaLink B405/DN 

Xerox VersaLink B405/DN

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean your copy and printing needs aren’t large. If that’s you and your business, the Xerox Versalink B405/DN is the best high-volume printer in our ranking. Among the many features that set this monochrome multifunction printer apart from the pack, there’s the preloaded Xerox ConnectKey app, and the Xerox Easy Translator Service app. With the latter, you can quickly and easily translate your documents into a wide range of languages!

Otherwise, there’s direct connectivity straight out of the box, giving small-business owners the freedom to work almost anywhere. The copier/printer is compatible with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and DropBox, and with the B405/DN security is never an issue, thanks for state-of-the-art security features like Secure Print and card authentication. 

Always cost conscious, we also appreciate Xerox’s Dash Replenishment service, saving small-business owners 10% on ink. Sign up for smart refill, and Xerox will monitor your toner levels for you, taking one more thing out of your busy schedule. We also love the color 5-inch customizable touchscreen, NFC and optional Wi-Fi connectivity, and 60-sheet reversing automatic document feeder with standard automatic two-sided output.

Technical Specs

Other important tech specifications to point out about the VersaLink include 5.1 first page out time, and a standard 700-sheet paper capacity. What makes this such a great choice for high-capacity printing are the three additional 550-sheet paper trays. The unit is also compatible with the three different toner options, ranging from standard to extra high capacity. That’s between about 6,000 and 25,000 sheets!

Otherwise the VersaLink allows for secure scanning, printing, faxing, and email, with password-protected PDF. There’s also role-based permissions for larger teams, and print user ID in the margins for added security. We like the common access card support, and the USB card-based authentication. In addition to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and DropBox, the VersaLink is also compatible with Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Xerox Print Service Plug-in for Android. This gives your team the ability to print from almost anywhere, a must-have for any modern office. 

We also love the tiltable color touch screen, especially the intuitive layout, putting your most crucial tasks up top, saving you time. For big copying jobs, the B405 can reach speeds of up to 47 ppm (pages per minute) or duplex printing at up to 24 ppm. There’s also an 8.5 by 14-inch flatbed for scanning, copying, and faxing.

Versalink: High Performance, Secure Peace of Mind

Users call the VersaLink perfect for a small office, easy to use, and very efficient. The print quality is superior, and it’s simple to connect and print from multiple devices, even from mobile phones, and the copies are always clear. You can even print and scan to USB memory devices, or to email. 

Called a workhorse by some, others comment on how easy it is to copy and email documents, and many like the icon-rich user interface. Some call the UI far easier to use than brands, like the Konica-Minolta. 

It’s also really efficient with ink use, saving time and money, and most major issues can be solved by the owner without technical support (we realize most small businesses don’t have their own IT departments). The ones that can’t are addressed by Xerox customer service, a leading brand in printer/copiers. 

It also takes up very little space, a definite bonus for small offices, and it wakes up quickly out of sleep mode. It’s also Twain compliant. One satisfied user found the VersaLink handled up to 21 workstations with ease! When choosing a high-volume printer for small businesses, don’t just take our word for it. Many small-business owners choose VersaLink and swear by it for all their printing and copying needs, increasing office efficiency.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing’s perfect, though, so we’d be remiss not to inform you of a few drawbacks to this printer/copier. Some find common features and functions to be buried a little too deep down in the menu, creating confusion. And it’s not completely free from paper jams, especially with large print jobs. 

There are reports that it doesn’t play nicely with the Mac OS Catalina, and printing on envelopes does create an issue for some users. The secret: It requires access to the back of the machine, flipping two levers, turning two switches, running the envelopes through, and then reversing the entire process to return to regular paper stock. So if you print a lot of envelopes, multiple user reviews state this might not be the machine for you and your business. 

The Ethernet setup is also a little tough for some to understand, and it also doesn’t automatically go into fax mode, but who faxes anymore anyway? The unit is also a bit big and noisy for some, and the process of making specialty copies was challenging for some users to figure out. One unit was sold with an empty toner, giving the user a cartridge error. Xerox quickly overnighted the cartridge and drum, fixing the issue. 

Best Color Copier: Xerox WorkCentre 6515/DN 

Xerox WorkCentre 6515/DN

So far we’ve told you about monochrome printers and copiers, or options with just color scanning. For a true color copier, we recommend the WorkCentre 6515/DN from Xerox. This color, multifunction printer is Amazon Dash Replenishment ready, with a Touch and Go, color touch screen interface for a tablet-like experience, allowing swipes and gestures. And it’s all easily customizable for your workflow. 

The unit is also easily paired with mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices using Near Field Communications Tap-to-Pair. You can feel secure in this connection since it’s the same technology Apple uses for their Apple Pay services. We also found the Embedded Web Server easy to use and responsive. This feature allows you to manage the multifunction printer from your desk or even off-site through a mobile device.

Xerox warranties are always outstanding, and once Dash Replenishment is activated, your toner level will be monitored with replenishment auto-generated — convenient! The ppm is 30, both black and white and color, and the max workload is an impressive 50,000 pages a month. You can also expect the first page out in an impressive 8.7 seconds for color, or 7.4 seconds for black and white. 

Technical Specs

A technical specification setting the WorkCentre apart is the Xerox Wireless Print Solutions Adapter. This feature is especially useful for print devices not on a traditional network or where an LAN is not bridged to a Wi-Fi network. There’s also an optional, 550-sheet second paper tray for big work loads. The WorkCentre also helps you save time with simultaneous scanning of both sides of a single document.

We also really appreciated the scan preview. We found it useful for double-checking accuracy and removing unnecessary pages from the file. The unit is also mobile-friendly — just like a modern workforce. We learned it can print and scan quickly and effortlessly, supporting Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Xerox Print Service Plug-in for Android, and Mopria.

You can also choose from five cartridge options, something for every workload. Those range from a standard capacity black cartridge with a 2500-page yield up to as much as a 4300-page yield extra high capacity color cartridge. Print size maxes out at legal, or 8.5 by 14 inches, and accepted media include bond, plain paper, cardstock, custom, envelopes, glossy cardstock, hole punched, and labels, among many others.

This printer/copier has the kind of versatility any small business needs on their team.

Xerox WorkCentre: Easy Setup, Reliable Performance

The Xerox WorkCentre also earns high marks when it comes to setup. If Ethernet is your preferred method of connectivity, things are really pretty plug ‘n’ play. Once the cable is in the printer, turn it on, go through the Wizard on the LCD display, and you’re all set. For many home offices, security is less of an issue, so we appreciate that you can skip security steps and PIN codes, but they’re there if you need them.

When installing the default driver, it gives you the option of Twain or WIA, which is nice. Otherwise, the speed of both scanning and printing is notable, as is the output quality with accurate color and exposure and fast two-sided copying. Have something especially large to scan? We learned you can fold the control panel down to make extra space — pro tip!

The machine is pretty heavy but manageable. The payoff is a really solid, well-built machine that’s good for most any home office. We found no reports of home network interference. It goes to sleep quickly to save power, with reasonably priced ink, and a strong Wi-Fi connection. And maybe best of all, it’s remarkably quiet. 

If one satisfied user had success using it to make playing cards for a homemade board game, it’s likely to be the printer you need for your unique business needs.

What Could Be Better? 

There are a few things you should be aware of before purchasing the WorkCentre. First of all, warm-up time is a little slow: about 10 seconds after it’s switched on, and depending on the content, some had issues with it taking up to 30 seconds for first-page-out after waking up from sleep mode. 

One workaround is to wake it up manually by pressing the power button ahead of time. Strangely, it also doesn’t come with its own scanning software, but no issues were reported using third-party software. And the print text could be a little sharper, especially when compared to certain HP models.

Some also feel that scanning to a folder could be more intuitive, and in home offices, some users report their lights flickering when the printer wakes up from sleep mode. Others find the user interface a bit slow. Additional issues reported include the toner not adhering well when printing dark colors, creating a lot of white spots, and sleep mode can’t be disabled during business hours.

There are also lighter, smaller options available if that’s a particular concern of yours. And be sure to add Wi-Fi before the printer is set up. Buying an adapter (not otherwise included) and attempting to connect to Wi-Fi after the printer was set up gave many users fits.


Small-business teams need to be lean, with each member playing an important role in the success of the business, wearing many different hats. Or maybe your small-business team is just you, and you wear ALL THE HATS. Regardless of the make-up of your team, a solid and reliable, multifunction printer and copier is a must-have, even if your copying and printing needs are only occasional.

In this ranking, we presented the best copiers for small businesses in the following categories:

  • Best Overall
  • Best Low-Volume
  • Best Medium-Volume
  • Best High-Volume
  • Best Color Copier

We evaluated each copier on the following factors: easy setup and maintenance, brand support, multifunctionality, wireless and network capabilities, and consumer reviews. In an effort to present a fair and balanced picture of why these copiers are the very best, we also included some things we didn’t like about each copier in our ranking. That way you can make an informed buying decision; we know full well when it comes to copiers, no one size fits all.

With this approach, we feel confident this ranking will help you find the best copier for your small business.

Written by Will Kennedy

William Kennedy is a freelance writer for Business Pundit. He lives in Eugene, OR with his wife, daughter, and 2 cats, who all politely accommodate his obsession with Doctor Who and The Smiths.