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  • Suja Life and Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola Buys Stake In Suja Life Juice Line

    The Coca-Cola Co has purchased a minority stake in cold-pressed juice maker Suja Life LLC. Terms of the investment have not been disclosed at this time. Suja has sold more than 40 million bottles of its organic juices thank in large part to a process known as High Pressure Processing which helps preserve nutrition and taste. […]

  • Coca-Cola Harnesses the Marketing Power of Secrets

    On its February 11 show, This American Life dug up a recipe from 1979 newspaper article that claimed to be the secret formula for Coca-Cola. Coke, of course, denies the claims. From Time: “It has been quite a day,” Kerry Tressler, a company spokeswoman, told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday afternoon. First came the […]

  • Coke Takes Over Tongue Ad Space

    Coke Zero has a new advertising campaign in Brazil.  They’re taking advantage of the propensity for piercing by offering free tongue studs adorned with the Coke Zero logo.  Delicious.  Piercing shops in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Salvador provide complimentary piercing by stud adorned with the Coke Zero logo.  In return, pictures […]