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  • Bank in Bangladesh hacked for using 10 dollar switches

    $80 million was stolen from a bank that used $10 switches and no firewall

    Bangladesh’s central bank was robbed of $80 million after hackers discovered that the institution failed to implement a firewall and was using seond-hand, $10 switches to connect its computers to the SWIFT global payment network. The lack of security and outdated routers allowed hackers to easily penetrate the system and walk away with $80 million. […]

  • Hospital ransomware attacks

    Hackers are using ransomware to attack US hospitals and it’s getting worse

    Methodist Hospital, a medical facility located in western Kentuck, was attacked by hackers last week. The facility was yet another victim of hospital-focused attacks that are throwing the medical industry into chaos. Methodist Hospital was operating “in an internal state of emergency” on Friday, according to its website. An entire section of its computer network was […]

  • Two Factor Authenticaton Hack

    Hackers have discovered a way to defeat two-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to a users online accounts. When using the extra security layer, a password must be entered into a users account and then a temporary code known as a one-time password (OTP) is sent to the account owner’s smartphone. That code must then be entered to complete the login […]

  • Hackers take down BBC

    Hackers take down the BBC’s websites

    The websites of the BBC were taken down Thursday following a large-scale cyber attack. Citing anonymous sources, the BBC said a DDOS — denial of service — attack was to blame. A Twitter account managed by the BBC’s communications team claimed the outage was due to a “technical issue.” Hackers use DDOS attacks to flood a website […]

  • Stock Trading and Hacking News Wires

    A Group Of U.S. Stock Traders Paid Hackers To Feed Them Corporate News Before It Was Released

    A group U.S. stock traders have been arrested and face two federal indictments after they hired Ukrainian-based computer hackers to gain access to corporate press releases before company news went public. The nine stock traders reportedly earned $30 million from their illegal operation and they now face corruption charges. The Securities and Exchange Commission is […]