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  • Anonymous takes down greek bank

    Anonymous takes down Greek Central Bank’s website

    A group of hacktivists claiming to be part of the Anonymous collective have taken down the Greek Central Bank’s website. The group has promised that this attack will be the first in a series against global central banks over the course of the next month. The website for the Greece central bank was only taken […]

  • ADP cyber attack

    Hackers attack ADP and steal tax forms and payroll data

    Hackers managed to break through ADP’s firewalls and steel sensitive tax and salary information for employees at a dozen companies. ADP explained that fraudsters managed to siphon W-2 tax forms using a convenient online feature. The company won’t say when the cyber attack occurred or how many people had their income data exposed. The fir […]

  • Verizon Hack

    Verizon’s big business customers affected by hack

    Hackers have breached Verizon systems and stole data pertaining to the company’s business customers. The telecom giant said on Thursday that its Verizon Enterprise Solutions unit, which provides IT services to big companies, recently discovered and fixed a security vulnerability in a client portal. The company is already notifying customers about the breach. No data about consumer […]

  • Two Factor Authenticaton Hack

    Hackers have discovered a way to defeat two-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to a users online accounts. When using the extra security layer, a password must be entered into a users account and then a temporary code known as a one-time password (OTP) is sent to the account owner’s smartphone. That code must then be entered to complete the login […]

  • Facebook Hacks

    Facebook Is Sending A Scary Hacker Notification To Targeted Users

    Facebook has launched a new type of hack notification that you never want to see in your account. That’s because this notification is meant to warn users if their connected devices are under attack by a nation-state. “While we have always taken steps to secure accounts that we believe to have been compromised, we decided […]

  • Russia Hack Down Jones

    Russians Reportedly Hacked Dow Jones In Search Of Stock Tips

    According to Bloomberg, Russian hackers tapped into Dow Jones & Co. servers in an attempt to gain a trading edge through stolen information. The incursion is reportedly being investigated by the FBI, Secret Service and Securities and Exchange Commission. A statement from Dow Jones said that the company has “worked hard to establish whether the […]