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  • Starbucks donating unused food

    Starbucks will donate its leftover food to feed the hungry

    Starbucks has a new plan to donate all of its leftover food to the homeless. The company said Tuesday that its ultimate goal will be to donate “100%” of its leftover food to Feeding America — an agency that runs a national network of food banks with more than 7,000 US locations. The idea to donate leftover food […]

  • Starbucks Offers New Frap

    Starbucks unveils a Cherry Blossom Frappuccino to celebrate Spring

    Starbucks unveiled a Cherry Blossom Frappuccino to celebrate the entrance of Spring. The limited time drink is only available through Sunday, March 20. The new Frappuccino is a great blend of sweet strawberries and cream, white chocolate sauce, and matcha drizzle. The company explained in a blog post that the new Frappuccino is inspired by […]

  • Starbucks Rewards Program Changes

    Starbucks just made its rewards program less valuable to some customers

    Starbucks on Monday announced changes to its loyalty program. The new changes make it harder for some customers to earn free food and drinks based on their purchases. The current program allows customers to earn redeemable points for every purchase. The new program will award points for every dollar spent. The change is sure to anger […]

  • Starbucks coffee drinks are horrible for you

    Your Starbucks drink might contain 25 spoons of sugar

    Put down your flavored Starbucks drink and walk away slowly. A new study by British campaign group Action on Sugar, has found that some drinks at Starbucks may contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar. To put that number into perspective, a single Starbucks drink can contain as much sugar as three cans of Coke […]

  • Visa Checkout

    Visa Checkout is coming to Walgreens and Starbucks

    Visa Inc. is brining its digital payments service Visa Checkout to Starbucks and Walgreens.  Visa Checkout, launched in July 2014, allows shoppers to store their payment information and make payments without leaving a merchant’s website. The credit card processor’s program is popular among its users with more than 10 million consumer accounts already activated. The […]

  • Starbucks red holiday cups

    Starbucks Red Holiday Cups Are Not Christian Enough For Angry Christians

    Several Christian groups have launched viral attack campaigns against Starbucks. Those groups believe the company’s traditional red holiday cups have stripped out any trace of Christianity… and they have! This year’s red holiday cups are devoid of images of both Christmas and Jesus Christ himself. The new cup, which is shades of red with the […]

  • Starbucks Tuition

    4,000 Starbucks Workers Are Now Going to College For Free

    More than 4,000 baristas are now attending college for free. One year ago Starbucks partnered with Arizona State University’s online program to cover the cost of their tuition. Full- and part-time employees who don’t yet have a bachelor’s degree are eligible. That’s about 100,000 out of its 150,000 U.S. workers. Workers are free to choose […]

  • Starbucks Alcohol

    70 Starbucks Locations Are Now Serving Alcohol

    Starbucks bartenders? Baristas at 70 coffee shop locations are now serving booze to customers. The company is serving beer and wine at five more locations this week, bringing the total number of test stores to 70. The company has extended its booze to coffee shops in New York City, denver, Miami, Orlando, and several locations […]

  • Starbucks Raising Prices 2015

    Starbucks Is Raising Prices On Almost All Drinks

    Starbucks is raising prices on Tuesday with most drinks receiving a 1% increase. The company’s price hike will range from $0.05 and $0.20 per drink. According to the Associated Press, The cost of “venti” brewed coffee will increase by $0.10 to $2.45 in most US markets. Despite protests from customers, this marks the third year in […]

  • Starbucks Introduces the Supersized Coffee

    As if a venti weren’t enough, Starbucks will roll out its trenta cup today, 31 ounces (that’s about a quart, folks) of latte, frapppuccino, or whatever else customers want to Big Gulp down. From the Chicago Sun Times: Starbucks will begin a phased-in nationwide rollout today of its Trenta cup size that can be filled […]