ECPI College of Technology Online

ECPI College of Technology is hands- on to learning which features industry-standard simulation software and Web-based networks. It offers both on-campus (day or evening) and online schedules that would surely be convenient to any enrolled student. The college’s online program is as well known for its small class sizes which mean more individual attention, its easy access to faculty that even has virtual office hours for one-on-one student interaction and access to library that even though one is enrolled to the online classes, there is personalized access to ECPI’s online library resources. Online courses and degrees include Bachelor Degree programs on Healthcare IT, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Electronics Engineering, IT management Network Security, Business Administration, Food Service Management and Associate Degree and or Diploma Programs on Network Security and Electronics Engineering.

ECPI College of Technology is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It was given high rankings, review and approvals by the Department of Homeland Security which made ECPI a college that is also an eligible institution to train students that are under sponsorships. Financial Aid available in ECPI are grants and Federal Student Loan Programs, Military Tuition Assistance, Work Study, Veterans Benefits, Job Location and Development, Tuition Assistance Student Loan Program and scholarships such as ECPI Scholarships, and “TECS” Scholarships that cater to those who are taking up Technology, Electronics Engineering, and Computer and Information Science programs. Admissions could be done online while the list of tuition and fees is available online as well or given upon enrollment.