Malone University Online

Malone University is known for its foundational principles, educational goals, doctrinal statement and Malone Community Agreement. This university is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education in 1982. It was only in 1984 that the university received its full accreditation. Malone University’s foundational principles have gained exceptional rankings and reviews. Their principles are mainly about seeking Christ’s kingdom, pursuing and witnessing the truth, integration of learning and faith, foundation of a Christian and institutional heritage, promotion of intellectual, spiritual and social growth and lastly, manifestations and development of concern for others.

Students are given the opportunity to complete a degree in a more convenient way which is through online access. This online program offers online classes on different online degrees and online courses. These include Bachelor’s degree major in Organizational Management, Marketing Management, Project Management or Health Service Management.

Admissions requirements vary depending on the type of applicant such as undergraduate students namely an incoming freshman, transfer students, international students, parents, graduate students and those applying in professional programs. Tuition for the online program costs about $120 per course. There are as well different forms of financial aid that aim to meet one’s financial need to continue education such as the traditional students’ academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, private outside scholarships and transfer students academic scholarship. A Malone’s Scholarship Estimator is designed to give an estimate of how much a student needs and on what type of scholarship does he or she qualifies. Those interested to apply should first complete an application for federal student aid.