Marygrove College Online

Marygrove College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. This accreditation is being maintained through the implementation of an intensive self study. The college believes that such accreditation serve as a mark of it being an educational institution. The college values focus on leadership development, excellent teaching in a personalized learning environment, faculty-student interaction and cooperation, and many more. Just the way the college values these, it eventually paved way to the college being given outstanding reviews and rankings.

Margrove College caters to online program and online classes. Online degrees and online courses are divided into undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs accordingly. Undergraduate programs include Accounting, African American Studies, History, Humanities, Mathematics, Child Development, Interdisciplinary Studies, Liberal Studies, Computer Graphics, and Pharmacy Technician. Graduate programs include Educational Leadership, Educational Technology, English, Social Justice, and Master in the Art of Teaching and lastly, certificate programs in Business, Sacred Music, Detroit Studies, Gerontology, Computer Graphics, Child Welfare, Accounting and many more.

Admissions are as well divided which show that there are different requirements and qualification in undergraduate admission, graduate admissions, extended learning, and institutes programs. Tuition fee for undergraduate courses cost $595 per credit hour for courses having 1-11 credit hours. Graduate courses cost $640 per credit hour while MAT online program costs $400 per credit hour. Financial Aid is in the form of grants, scholarships, work-study and loans. Grants include Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant, and Federal Teach Grant Program. Scholarships take into consideration a student’s achievement whether it is in academics, talent or sports.