UMass Online

The University of Massachusetts is one of the top ranked universities in the United States. Accredited degrees and certificates can be earned through the University’s campuses, located in Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester, as well as via distance learning through UMassOnline, the University’s online learning arm.

UMassOnline offers more than 100 online degrees and online certificate programs. In addition, there are over 1,500 online courses covering the fields of Liberal Arts, Education, Business and Management, Nursing, Public Health, and Information Technology (among others). Through UmassOnline, students are able to complete their online Associate’s, online Bachelor’s, online Master’s and online Doctorate degrees at their own pace, and according to their personal and professional schedule.

UMass Online has been recognized by multiple trade publications as one of the nation’s best online schools. In 2011, it was reviewed as a top 25 online college by The Best Colleges.

Tuition at UmassOnline vary. However, the fees for online non-credit and online undergraduate courses range from $125.00 to $1,980.00 while online graduate level courses cost more. The tuition ranges from $1,230.00 to $2,250.00. Financial aid is offered and the aid available to on-campus students is the same as those offered to online-students. The financial aid offered include grants, loans, scholarships, and military discounts. More information can be requested from UMassOnline’s financial office.

Admission requirements vary depending on the level of the online-degree program. Online undergraduate courses generally require applicants to hold high school diplomas, or its GED equivalent. Higher courses such as online graduate degrees require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree and, may in some cases, require additional prerequisite college level work. Information on admission requirements and the admission process can be requested from the University’s admissions office. Massachusetts residency is not an admission requirement.
UMassOnline is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the same association that accredits the main school and its campuses.