Chat room

A chat room (also known as a chatroom) is a form of conferencing that’s done online. A chat room is venue for online discussion about certain topics.

Chat rooms has been traditionally a synchronous conference, where in the participants of the conference must be online both at the same time. However, more advanced and recent forms of chat rooms are also of an asynchronous conference form, allowing users to leave messages while some of the participants are not online.

Chat rooms usually provides an avenue for a commerce site to communicate with their customers for a variety of purposes. Support chat rooms has become a legitimate way for customers to seek support from an ecommerce site. Chat rooms can also provide a venue for customers to communicate with other customers for information sharing, becoming a catalyst for the growth of a community around an ecommerce site.

If managed properly, the community can become a powerful advantage of the site, whether for “word of mouth” marketing, for an providing an open channel where you can reach your customers and, from information that you can gather during your chat system’s registration, a way to learn more about your customers. Chat rooms are also an effective platform for delivering ads. But this has to be done in a way that will not hamper its usability or alienate the participants.

Chat rooms can also be an excellent opportunity to develop and enhance your brand. This can be done by going beyond the traditional text-based chat rooms and adding media-rich components to your chat system.