Payload is traditionally defined as the section or category in a cargo which brings profit. This may include both cargo and passenger weight.

In the context of e-commerce, however, payload refers to something quite different. Commission payload is a program similar to affiliate payload in which aims to give instruction on affiliate marketing techniques. It offers beginners guidelines on how to start in the business, as well as how to determine which cost per action offers to take.

Commission payload provides examples new players may use when getting into affiliate marketing, which involves directing people to certain websites. It is quite easy to get into an affiliate program, but realistically speaking, regular programs do not allow affiliates to make several thousands of dollars monthly.

Commission payload promises to show techniques of what it calls “super affiliates” who make tens of thousands on a regular basis. However, critics say that this system misleads people into thinking that big money can be very easily made without outlining the risks.

Cost per action marketing, which is also known as pay per action marketing, is a pricing model used in e-commerce. Under this scheme, advertisers only pay hosts if certain actions have been taken in relation to an advertisement that has been placed. Such actions would have to be specified in the agreement, as a simple website visit may not be enough; payment may only be issued for a completed form or a successfully-closed sales transaction. CPA is viewed as a good system because payments are only made for actions that are actually profitable. The actual amount to be paid per action is determined by a variety of conditions, such as the placement of ads and the kind of ads being placed.