Remote access

Having remote access allows a user to control a computer or network from another location. In many companies, especially those with employees who work from home or travel often, the possibility of accessing the system is provided for.

Although they are not exactly the same, remote access is sometimes used interchangeably with Virtual Private Network. In practice, though, remote access only serves as part of a VPN. VPN involves the creation of a public network.

The ability to access internal company resources from any location is indispensible in the age of telecommuting. Remote control is the ability to access and perform certain actions on a computer in another location. An important purpose that this serves is the provision of technical support to employees who may be working in a different geographical area. A member of a company’s technical support team may assist an employee encountering technical difficulties by taking control of the computer and making the necessary installations and adjustments without having to instruct the user.

The idea that others can access the computer may be unnerving for some users, even though they may be part of the same company. Security issues should be considered, and the extent of access given to other entities should be clearly monitored.

Remote access is also at work when a user gains access to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider.