In general, the term campaign refers to anything that entails several related operations aimed at achieving a particular goal.

Campaigns of all kinds, despite their varied nature, are also usually subject to geographic and temporal constraints. Examples of campaigns include political campaigns, advertising campaigns, and marketing campaigns.

Marketing and advertising campaigns are closely related, and so are often confused to be the same.

Marketing campaigns are defined as the strategic plan that companies use to determine the products and service that their customers need and want. They also figure out the sales and promotion plan to get those customers buying the products and services.

Advertising campaigns, on the other hand, is the promotion part of the plan. It is used to increase the sales of products and services offered by a company. In short, an advertising campaign is just one of the aspects of marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns involve two very important processes: market research and market planning.

Market research entails using statistical methods to analyze data to get a better understanding of important things such as the current market environment and market segmentation. Market segmentation yields data that helps marketers group consumers and figure out their target audience. As a result, marketers find ways to position possible products for maximum impact.

Market planning involves developing an overall business strategy to be able to price product, distribute it, and promote it effectively. This includes planning not just for current products but also for future products as well.